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This is my summer of canned beer

So, for no particular reason other than it seems like a good idea, I've decided to make this my summer of canned beer (a few years ago it was my summer of fruit-adjunct beer). And, things are looking good. Here's what I've found so far, and will be trying over the next few months. Some are available nationally, some locally. If you have ideas for me to try in my travels, I'm open to suggestion. I'm trying many things from craft brews to name-brand imports, but I plan on avoiding the majors. Also, I'm not a Guiness fan, so thanks but no thanks.

Pilsner Urquell tall can
OK from Poland
Tetley's with a widget
Wexford with a widget
Boddington's with a widget
Wittekirk Belgian (I've found this only in Atlanta so far)
Bavik Belgian (ditto)
Surly (craft brew local only to Minneapolis)
Gluek's (also a craft brew local to the twins)
Sapporo oil can
Foster's oil can
Stite (I don't know if this counts - it's technically a metal bottle)

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  1. Dale's Pale Ale, Gordon (double ipa), and Old chub (scotch ale) by Oscar Blues (CO) are not to be missed if you are a fan of craft/microbrew beer.

    Don't know if they are available in your area, but Sly Fox (PA) makes craft beer in cans as well as New England Brewing Co. in CT.

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      Second on the Oskar Blues beers.

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        Third on Oskar Blues. :)

        Also, Brooklyn Lager is available in cans and is very tasty.

    2. beer singha and beer chang. i know you can find singha at any thai restaraunt but i dont know about chang. maybe at an asian market? singha is better anyways

      1. You forgot Guinness with the widget, another good one.

        I've also seen Young's Double Chocolate Stout in widget cans.

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          the double chocolate in cans is nowhere near as good as the bottled version, just so you know.

        2. LaCrosse Lager is a must for any canned beer extravaganza.

          1. Bitburger Pils (should be available nationally). I get it for $17.99/case
            Slyfox Pikeland Pils
            Slyfox Phoenix Pale Ale
            Slyfox Dunkel Lager
            Greene King / Morland Brewery Abbott Ale ESB

            1. Well, you don't list your location but from the US beers (Gluek & Stite) I'm guessing the Mid-West, so my recs are probably not going to be available but PA's Sly Fox Pikeland Pils has become my "standard house beer" (i.e., always available in the beer 'frig) and it comes in a nice, "Best by" dated cardboard box of 12. Sly Fox also cans a nice Dunkel Lager and, recently, a Weisse - I wasn't so crazy about their IPA (HopDevil is still my favorite, with lots of others tied for second place)- but will probably revisit it as soon as I find a fresh 12 pack. New England in CT. also serves up a tasty IPA in cans, called Sea Hag.

              As for imports (and I keep hearing about Pilsner Urquell in cans, but don't see it in NJ yet), my latest find was 4 packs of 16.9 oz. Hobgoblin from Wychwood, UK- an especially nice find since the beer is usually found in clear single pint bottles.

              [EDIT]- started typing this up then got involved cutting up vegetables for my beer stew on this rainy day in NJ, so I see LStaff has noted some of my recs ahead of me. BUT, they are all good enough to be mentioned twice, I think...

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                Do the Hobgoblin cans use a widget, as many other canned UK beers do? I'm not a huge fan of the widget, and would probably avoid these cans if they used one. Of course, I have never seen Hobgoblin in anything but dusty old clear bottles, which means I've never found it in a state I was willing to risk buying.

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                  No widget in the Hobgoblin (I would *never* recommend one without warning -g- ). I saw the WychCraft Ale in a brown 500 ml. bottles today on the shelf, so maybe the brewery is switching over like a few other UK brewers have for their US bound exports.

                  Just checked the importers' website (as noted on the can) , and see that Hobgoblin's also available now in six packs of 12 oz. brown bottles- http://www.eurobrews.com/hobpack.html

              2. There are three canned varieties from Butternuts brewery in Garrettsvile, NY--Pork Slap Pale Ale, Heinieweisse Weissebeer, and Snapperhead IPA. None are that great, but better than a lot of the stuff you mentioned. From what I hear, Surly beats every other canned micro hands down. Also, if you're up for the Foster's oil can (yuck), then try the Faxe oil cans from Denmark.

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                  I got a Fat Cat Lager a while ago, but can't find it anymore. A nice canned beer with a little flavor.

                2. You can get a lot of other English and continental macro beers in cans, as well, such as Bass and Becks. That's not to say I recommend picking any of them over the likes of the Oskar Blues beers, but they are an option.

                  1. I had Dales Pal Ale for the firt time the other day and was impressed. I was worried it was going to be just a gimick but the actually beer tasted very good.

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                      Did you find this in SD? If so, where?

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                        No it was the Whole Foods in Union Sq, NY

                    2. Sapporo - good in a can

                      1. I don't know if it's heresay or not, but how about Yuengling? I mean, there's better beers out there but there's certainly worse. Seems to me like a can would nice on a hot summer day.