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Apr 12, 2007 12:54 PM

99 Ranch Market To Open in Chino Hills

As Evan G posted earlier before the thread was moved to another board, the Los Angeles Times reports today that 99 Ranch Market will be opening up in Chino Hills to serve the exploding Chinese and other Asian population there. The article indicates that the Asian population has jumped to 40 percent of the area. As I indicated in the now-moved post, a Chinese newspaper ad indicates that Royal Buffet has just opened up on Grand in Chino Hills and I was hoping that it might serve authentic Chinese food. Has anybody tried Royal Buffet yet? Are there authentic Chinese restaurants opening up in Chino Hills, or do the locals still go over the hill to Rowland Heights?

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  1. Weird, it's been there for a while now.
    My friend ate there he says the food is "pretty good" for where you're at.

    and there's a similar buffet off Chino Ave called the Chino buffet. It's supposed to be a chinese buffet. I went there and it was awful. It was like Todai...almost. They even had pizza, which is weird. The sushi was gross and the workers are rude.

    1. Royal Buffet has been open for at least six months. Have not tried it. There was one chinese restauarnt in the Vons shopping center, don't know if it is still there, the last time we ate there was about four years ago and the food was terrible, seemed forumlated for ignorant white folks palates. I am not aware of any other Chinese restaurants in Chino Hills, but then I don't get out and about these days.

      Chino and Chino Hills are still more or less a dining wasteland, although in recent years a lot of chain operations have opened up. Hopefully the migration of more Asians to Chino Hills will lead to authentic Chinese food venues.

      1. Hasn't it been there for a while (1-2 years)? I went there about a year ago. It's the sister site to the royal buffet in Long Beach off the 405.

        It has got a nice selection of seafood items. i was partial to the steamed fish with soy sauce. They also got sushi and the service was excellent but that was a year ago. The Chinese items was a bit greesy but tasty. They also have crab legs. Everyone in our party was satisfied.

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          Yes, Grand Buffet has been there for a little over a year. Their selection and quality is better than most chinese buffets, but I have noticed a slight decrease in their quality since they first opened. The Chino Avenue buffet has fewer selections and lower quality of food than Grand Buffet. Every chinese buffet that I have been to also has some type of "American" food whether it's pizza, french fries or some other fare. I guess it's because not everyone is going to opt for just chinese food.

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            Wow, does that mean that Royal Buffet in LB is actually good? It looks very shady, with that sign that reads "Voted #1 Chinese" whom, when, why, no explanation.

            I guess my earlier thread was not enough about food? Sorry, newbie here.

            1. re: Evan G

              I've never been to the LBC one but my Long beach friends say its good.

          2. Does anyone know where the new 99 Ranch Market will be located in Chino Hills?

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            1. re: SoCal Foodie

              According to the 99 Ranch website:

              2959 Chino Ave.
              Chino Hills, CA 91709

              1. re: lileor

                In the former Ralphs at Chino Ave & Peyton Drive.