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Apr 12, 2007 12:37 PM

DiNics - Philly

Going to be near the Reading Terminal Market next week - Had my heart set on a cheesesteak - but after reading so much about DiNics pork sandwich, I think I now want one! Do I have a bunch of choices? If so what is the best? ( I each their own ).

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  1. Dinic's serves roast pork, pulled pork, brisket, and roast beef sandwiches. Tried the first three and by far the best is the roast pork in my opinion (and probably a lot of others). As far as toppings, you can get greens (i.e. spinach), provolone cheese, and peppers. I really like the cheese and greens combo because the pork melts the cheese into the bun and the greens have a little spicy kick to them, as you can see what appear to be small red pepper flakes in the clear dressing that they are in. Trust me, whatever you choose, it will be more memorable than a cheesesteak.

    1. You wouldn't believe the line at that place since the latest review came out. Your best bet is to try the classic roast pork, broccoli rabe if they have it (I get mine from Tony Lukes) and sharp provolone. The rabe is so much more flavorful than spinach but it will still be good if you can only get spinach.

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      1. re: Ellen

        thanks for the reply - will go for the roast pork and let you know!

        1. re: tuxedo

          I think I will have to try one myself this Saturday...all this talk is making me hungry!

        2. re: Ellen

          tuxedo, just so you know, Dinic's doesn't do rabe, they do spinach. I actually prefer their bright-green, garlicky spinach to TLuke's rabe, but obviously it's a matter of taste. As bluehensfan mentioned, DiNic's also has roasted, herbed peppers as a veggie topping. When I go, I ask for spinach AND peppers (and definitely provolone - that is a must that I think is almost universally agreed upon). Then I put on, additionally, a healthy sprinkling of the tangy yellow peppers that they have in bowls on the counter.

          There's a post about DiNic's about once every two days on this board, and a lot of healthy disagreement about whether their pork sandwiches are "the best, most delicious thing in the entire city," "totally overrated" or somewhere in between. I lean towards the former opinion, but regardless of where people fall on the sandwiches themselves, one thing that's not really up for debate is that they are very serious and passionate about the food they make. I periodically volunteer at one of the stands in the RTM, and, although I've never talked to Tommy DiNic myself, lots of friends who have tell me that he's a dedicated perfectionist when it comes to his sandwiches. So whether or not you like what you get, you'll know that what you're eating is a labor of love - which always makes things taste better, to me.

          1. re: GDSwamp

            I have talked to Tommy a lot. He's a great guy and would be more than willing to go out of his way for you. A side note we found out- DiNic's even does take out. They will put the meat in a container with the sauce and put the sides in separate containers to go along with a roll in a bag and you assemble and devour at a later time. By the way, GDSwamp-How does one "volunteer" at a stand at RTM? Can you sign us up?

            1. re: bluehensfan

              You can't volunteer just anywhere (sadly - it'd be fun to do a few weeks at a butcher shop) but the Fair Food Farmstand is staffed almost entirely by volunteers (which accounts for the sometimes-slow pace of checkout). It's a great deal, actually - regular volunteers qualify for a discount on farmstand merchandise, and they actually carry a remarkably comprehensive stock of organic and free-range meats, dairy, eggs and veggies. I used to work a Friday or Saturday afternoon shift, then do my week's shopping on my way out and come home with bags of pork, beef, lamb, sausage, cultured butter, Pequea yogurt, unpasteurized milk, herbs and veggies for a good price. Plus it was fun working at the RTM - when I'd take a lunch break and go over to DiNic's or the Dutch Eating Place with my farmstand apron on I'd always get treated very kindly by whoever was behind the counter.

            2. re: GDSwamp

              There is no Tommy DiNic. They guy at the stand is named Nicolosi (sp?)

              1. re: coolgeek

                He's still a nice guy. I had my roast pork sandwich this past weekend and he was the one who made it for a change.

                1. re: coolgeek

                  Have to disagree with you there. There is such a man named Tommy DiNic.

                  1. re: Tonyjlive

                    Seems plausible that "DiNic" is short for "di Nicolosi," and that he goes by either.

              2. Just go with the pulled pork, peppers and provolone. It is the ultimate. I also add the small pickeled pepper ringd, but thats just me. Just enjoy.

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                1. re: LIfoodie

                  thanks for all the info - my mouth is watering just thinking about the sandwich
                  will report back at the end of this week and let you all know how things were!

                2. "DiNic" mystery solved:

                  Went by DiNic's for the first time in a little while yesterday and got some information. Thomas Nicolosi opened the business with his cousin, whose last name was DiClaudio. "DiNic" is a combo name. That info is from an article about the the shop that they have hung on a pillar at the stand. Underneath it is a food award they got one year (from Philadelphia Mag or something) that's inscribed to "Tommy DiNic's", so clearly there's wide-ranging and long-standing confusion on this topic.

                  Btw, my sandwich was perfect, as was my wife's. Any restaurant can have a bad day, and I'm sure DiNic's has them as well, but those people who've been saying that DiNic's has "gone downhill" are crazy.