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Good cocktail for BBQ?

I am having a BBQ/Birthday party on Sat. Very casual. I will have beer and wine but wanted to have a fun cocktail to serve as well but don't want to be in the kitchen making them the entire time. Suggestions?

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  1. I usually serve Mojitos, lime & coconut cocktails(limeade and coconut rum) and magaritas.
    You cam make these ahead of time and keep them in glass jugs. Just add the ice cubes at the time you serve the drink. Freeze some limeade (buy frozen cans) in ice cube trays so the drinks won't be watered down

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        I had another idea. My mom once made this drink for a picnic called "Mississippi Gamblers". It was basically lemons macerated with bourbon (I think) that sat for a week, then got mixed with sugar and was frozen. It was a "do ahead of time" drink, and was extremely well received, but a bit dangerous, if you know what I mean.

        I've googled, but haven't been able to find anything. Maybe someone here knows what I'm talking about and has a recipe. If not, I can get it from my mom.

        Just let me know if you'd like it!

      2. Another one you can prepare in advance is caipirinha, the national drink of Brazil. I do an anglo version with vodka substituting for Cachaca (which can be a little harsh), an equal amount of fresh squozen lime juice, confectioners sugar to taste, lots of crushed ice. Serve in small glasses (they are potent), garnish with a lime wedge. When we made these at parties in east Texas we would buy every lime in all three grocery stores in town!

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          Said anglo version is called the caipiroska

        2. i'm assuming you're doing texas style bbq-- so maybe a nice big pitcher of tequila sunrise/sunsets might be nice, and easy on the mixologist-- set out some fave tequilas (ones that are not too nice as to be wasted in a mixed drink), pitcher of OJ, ice, and bottle of grenadine, pomegranate juice, or chambord/cherry grand mariner with speed-pours. little bowls of limes and maraschino cherries. self-serve.
          make sure there are apps to nosh on while the brisket is cooking!

          1. There are so many fun punches you can make with frozen concentrates like limeade. One that would be good at a BBQ is a "Whiskey Sour." Granted it's a stretch to call it that, but still.......Dump a can of frozen limeade into a pitcher. Pour in one can of bourbon. And then add three cans (to taste) of club soda. Stir, pour, enjoy.

            1. A great simple drink for that kind of thing is Mount Gay rum and fresh lemonade. If you want to spruce it up a little bit you can put mint leaves in it.

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                Here is another easy drink, cherry limeade. Smirnoff Lime Twist vodka, lemonade, and a splash of grenadine.

                1. Georgia Iced Tea (Long Island IT hybrid utilizing sweet tea instead of Coke).

                  1. I like to serve highballs with this kind of food when it's warm. Moscow Mules are nice: a good sinus-clearing ginger beer (ginger ale does not work) with vodka, plus a big wedge of fresh lemon squeezed in, in a tall glass over a lot of ice.

                    Americanos are also refreshing and a good aperitif: an ounce each of sweet (red) vermouth and Campari, lots of selltzer, a wedge of lemon or lime.

                    A real crowd-pleaser is the sangria served at Dali, a Spanish restaurant near Boston:
                    Stir together three 750 ml bottles of inexpensive Spanish red wine (I use ViƱa Borga, about $6/bottle; a modest Beajolais or fruity American Pinot Noir does the trick too, but not fancier wine), 1 cup brandy, 1 cup Triple Sec, 1 cup sugar, 1/2 gal OJ (no pulp), plus an orange or two cut up into cubes. Serve over ice. Not too strong or sweet: watch it disappear.

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                      I've made this sangria and it is excellent. Goes very quickly, indeed.

                    2. A nice cold lone star beer and 2 fingers of bourbon?


                      1. Jamaican Rum Punch - with thanks to Zogg's in Rehoboth Beach...
                        1 oz each Orange, Coconut, and Banana Rum (Zogg's used Cruzan)
                        Serve over ice and topped up with a bit of each of cranberry, pineapple, and orange juices.
                        Very easy, and you could mix the rums ahead and chill, and let your guests top up their own according to their tastes (and how fast they want to get buzzed). Careful now...this creeps up on you and you'll be on your a$$ before you know it! ...and yes I realize the party's over but next time, perhaps!

                        1. Definitely Sangria. The longer before serving you make it, the better it will taste. I like to do a red sangris with sliced citrus fruit, some brandy (if you want extra alcohol), some club soda (for the fizz), and the juice from a can of peaches to sweeten it.

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                            I just did this 2 weeks ago, I used a recipe for Mai Tai's that I found here scaled up for 25 people. There was only about 15 of us and the Mai Tai's did not even make it to lunch time.

                          2. definately margaritas--also I was thinking Caribbean fruit/rum punch--mango juice,pineapple juice and guava juice add rum and simple sugar syrup and ice and enjoy

                            1. How ironic... I was just getting ready to post the exact same thing! Except mine in next Saturday. Can't wait to hear the responses. What are you serving for food?

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                                Well one more to add would be bourbon and Fresca. Seriously - try it first. The best bourbon I've found to use is Old Forrester, but others (sweetish) work well also.

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                                  That sounds good. I like lemonade with Makers Mark on a hot summer day (we have about 3 of them in Vermont).

                              2. Old post, but I'm bored.

                                I like to mix your tequila of choice, pineapple juice, lime and your bitters of choice. If I'm feeling especially fancy, I'd 86 the bitters and add a little Canton ginger liquer.

                                1. Sounds weird, but clear tequila (mescal actually) in plastic bottles brought across the border by your grandparents after going to Mexico for cheap dental work mixed with Dr. Pepper is surprisingly good.