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Apr 12, 2007 12:32 PM

Dallas Best Vietnamese?

I've eaten at most of the usual Vietnamese and Pho joints in town, but today my business partner who's Vietnamese took me to a most interesting place called B Bistro located at Walnut and Audelia. I have a pretty good frame of reference for Vietnamese food, but this place has the most comprehensive and well executed menu that I've had in Dallas. My partner said it is definately the best overall spot in town (not for Pho however, as Vietnamese consider that a cuisine in and of itself). I just wanted to throw it out there to the Dallaschowers for a recommendation or feedback.

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  1. Bistro B is definitely a good place and I've heard nothing but good things about it, both in Chowhound (saw a thread a while back..) and via word of mouth from friends.

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      I have been to Bistro B and liked it a lot. It certainly gives me hope that I may find good ethnic (especially Asian cuisine) in a city that consistently disappoints me on that front. The atmospher feel more like I was in Hong Kong than Dallas with all the flat panel TVs showing endless advertising and the servers' bright outfits. The menu is extensive and I will definately need to go back to adequately rate the food. I did enjoy what I had but didn't try to Pho, Bun or Vietnamese spring rolls (which is what I typically what I use as my criteria to rate Vietnamese restaurants).

      1. re: Bhutani

        My husband and I are addicted to BB and go every Sunday. We'd go more often, but Garland is a bit far for us.

        In our opinion, one of the best dishes they offer are the Nha Trang rolls. They are located on the appetizer menu. The pork and the shrimp ones come with the most amazing dipping sauce - not your typical fish-sauce or peanut based sauce. I'm not sure what it's made out of, but it is out of this world. If anyone knows, please share!

    2. My parents (who are Vietnamese) eat at Bistro B on a weekly basis. Formerly, they frequented Saigon Kitchen.

      Given the title of the thread, I'll also have to admit that I recently revisited Zander's House in Plano and had to change my opinion of the place. On my initial visit, I had the pho, which wasn't that great. But I recently took my whole family back, and the owner ordered an entire meal for us which was delicious. Per my parents, it's not the kind of place where you order pho (this was said with a certain amount of derision that I would make mistake like that). My mother particularly enjoyed the whole steamed snapper, while my father liked the bo luc lac (which I think translates into "shaken beef") and the beef carpaccio appetizer. The only dish that disappointed was the tamarind shrimp, which tasted fishy. Despite the very positive experience at Zander's House, though, my parents remain Bistro B loyalists.

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      1. re: vktp

        Lol - okay, then - what places are "sanctioned" by the parental unit for Pho? Currently I usually end up at Duy Tan if I make my way over to Garland.

        I'm anxious to try Bistro B.

        1. re: queenie

          I used to eat at Duy Tan quite often (about 1-2x/month). But ever since their menu "upgrade" last year, which also raised the prices, I found the portions smaller yet more expensive.

          Does anyone have other rec's for Pho in Garland? Nowadays I just eat at First Chinese BBQ instead (the new Garland outpost).

          1. re: y2000k

            I've been eating more pho than usual lately, and I recently went back to Duy Tan which, by some people's accounts, is the Holy Grail. It was good but nothing great.

            One other place I've tried that I like is Pho 85. It is cattywampus across from Bistro B.

            1. re: y2000k

              My Tho has the best V-Food in Garland. I do not recommend any other place!!! Plano and Walnut is the place to be!!

              1. re: pikachu2818

                After pikachu2818's multiple posts about My Tho, we finally tried it.

                Good soups, decent grilled pork bun dish. The duck soup was excellent. It had the biggest duck leg I've ever seen in a soup. I wanted to try the Bun Cha Hanoi (I thought pikachu2818 mentioned that theirs was the best), but it wasn't offered on the menu.

                My biggest complaint is that they allow smoking and it is a very small place.

                For me, I still feel that some of the best Vietnamese food is at Kien Giang, La Me or PaLa. Bistro B still wins for their Nha Trang rolls and beef jerky papaya salad.

                There are still so many places on Walnut left to try...

                1. re: Webra1

                  I'm glad you tried it!! I agree about the smoke. No I checked and they didn't make Bun Cha Hanoi. I think that's another place. But I just eat whatever they have on the menu. Mainly pho and the other soups. Happy eating!

          2. re: vktp

            Zander's House does the fried squid much better than Bistro B. Bistro B's fried squid is almost inedible. However, they have my favorite Hu Tieu Ap Chao (fried flat rice noodle)--the way the noodle is cooked is perfect (one big flat stuck together brown) though the sauce isn't the best. Next time we'll try Nha Trang rolls.

            We also like their Banh Mi ($1.75--you buy two and get the 3rd one for free), but last time it wasn't as good. Any other place for good Banh Mi?

            Bistro B reminds me of Little Saigon in CA rather than Hong Kong.

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            1. have been to bb twice now, the appeal to us is that it is open pretty late most nights, have tested the usual bun and pho, and papaya salad, all not overly wowing, but saw that many folks were enjoying hot pots and this steak/salad dish i have yet to try. Fish dishes were good for the price. Although I did stumble upon their nice dessert deli area and ordered the red bean with coconut milk and ice, was awesome! so far the closest thing to taiwanese shaved ice.. still searching for that one is DFW