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Apr 12, 2007 12:04 PM

Okra in Reno [moved from SF Bay Area board]

Does anyone know of a good place to buy (fresh, raw) okra in Reno, NV? There's an Indian store on Oddie that sells some, but it's usually rather suspect.

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  1. Have you tried the King Ranch market on Wells Ave? Its mostly hispanic foods, but I seem to recall seeing okra there...and I think they have one of the better produce markets in town. That would be your best bet, IMO. Occasionally Raley's has it...but not lately.

    Also, if you SHOULD go to Sacramento or the Bay Area on a weekend, take a detour in Roseville to Denio's Roseville Auction. (Open Fri, Sat, and Sunday...ask a local or google/mapquest for directions...I get lost everytime we go and would never find it if not for DH's impeccable sense of location...). They had some great okra on sale this past Sunday.

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      Thanks, that's a good suggestion - and I've been meaning to check out King Ranch anyway. I usually go to Sak 'N' Sav for produce - it has a pretty impressive produce selection, and with prices less insane than at Raley's - but okra is one of the few things they don't seem to have.

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        Have you ever tried making a special request at Wild Oats? I only tried once, but it worked. Also, what I wanted may have been one of their more regularly stocked items to begin with.

        1. re: GEC

          Jackpot! King Ranch had some very nice okra (though not cheap at $4.99/lb). I walked past it once before I finally saw it. Thanks, janetofreno.

          I'll keep the "special request" idea in mind the next time I need something that's hard to find. I wouldn't have thought of doing that.

      2. Update for those who might be interested -- SavMart (formerly Albertson's, near the Keystone exit at I-80) now carries fresh okra.