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Apr 12, 2007 11:32 AM

Take out/Delivery @ Avenue and Lawrence?

Just moved to the Avenue and Lawrence area and am looking for good take-out/delivery options in the neighbourhood. Any suggestions?

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  1. Greek Gourmet-across from Pusateris is pretty good and quite inexpensive

    Steak Pit-been around for ever. Decent ribs and steaks. Dinners come with salad, garlic bread and potatoes. Good Value

    The Bistro-very good wings fires, also been around for ever

    Sushi Days-decent and very inexpensive sushi

    Rossini's-been around about 35 years yet under new mamagement-Old fashioned italian with one of the best pizzas in the city

    Previous are all on Avenue north Lawrence

    On Yonge N. of Lawrtence try:

    Ciccio's-old style Italian sandwich, pasta, salad joint. Excellent and resonably priced, huge portions of homemade pasta, great pasta fagioli-closes at 6 though.
    Belly Buster Subs-been going since highschool and still way better than the chains

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    1. re: robb

      on Yonge, north of Lawrence:
      - veryvery good thai - Joy Thai

      on Avenue, north of Larence:
      - beside Rossini's (I think), is Issmi (japanese sushi)
      - no frills - has very inexpensive bbq chicken for takeout

      1. re: berbere

        I've tried Joy a couple of times and thought it was terrible. If I order Thai, I drive to St.Clair and Dufferin for Vannipha Lana

        1. re: robb

          Sorry to hijack this post but I have to ask: What is good at Vanipha Lanna?

          We tried it a month or so ago and thought everything but the Tom Yum was pretty gross. It's possible we ordered all the wrong things (we ordered 4 dishes for 3 of us), or it might have been a (really) off night, but we honestly could not have been more disappointed considering the reputation it has.

          1. re: Delish

            Excellent Mango Salad, Good Shrimp springrolls, excellent red and green curries (I like chicken best), the siamese bbq beef is great, pad thai is great, we have a spicy tiger-shrimp dish ..... and so on. The food is very fresh and the stir fried dishes come with great, fresh veggies.

    2. Looking for more/newer suggestions than what has been posted so far. It seems Sakura is an option. What else is good for take-out or delivery in this area? Thanks!

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      1. re: TeacherFoodie

        For delivery sushi, we've found Sushi One (4924 Yonge St) to be much higher quality than anything closer by in the neighbourhood (although I can't speak for the kosher sushi options on Bathurst). Sushi One's delivery zone only covers Avenue/Lawrence for dinner time.

        To satisfy non-fancy Chinese delivery cravings, we've found Blossom (Wilson/Dufferin) to be a better option than anything on Avenue or C'est Bon, for the dishes we like at least.

        Yakamoz (Wilson West of Bathurst) for takeout shwarma is the business, but probably best not to go too late in the day as the chicken on the spit sometimes gets a bit too crusty by dinner time.

        Karbouzi (Avenue/Dunblaine) for take-out Greek has served us well, more so than Greek Gourmet.

        Take out falafel from Tov-li (or even What A Bagel if the Tov-li lineup is too psychicly damaging) (Bathurst/Old Orchard) is quite credible.

        also, check out the older thread:

        1. re: TeacherFoodie

          Hellenik Grill at 6 Fairlawn just west of Yonge serves good take-out souvlaki.

          The newly opened Dr. Laffa on Bathurst near Lawrence is another nearby option for take-out.