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Top Restaurants?? - Weston, Plantation, Davie

Hey everybody, I'm new to the board and new to South Florida. I'm planning on relocating to the Weston, Plantation, Davie area sometime in the near future and wanted to try some good restaurants while I house hunt. Any recommendations? I read a post about the East City Grille being good, but not so good... any new info? Thanks for the help.

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  1. Try Josef's in Plantation...Love restaurant, very good food and service.

    1. Hi Jonathon

      There are a few good restaurants in West Broward. La Brochette Bistro in Cooper City is probably the best.

      Weston - East City Grill has an excellent pedigree (chefs and owners), but we find ourselves just not going back. Lucille's Cafe in Weston is simple but quite popular with standard diner type food. Myung Ga Tofu & BBQ is simple Korean but quite different from the pack. El Brasero is a good Venezuelan Steak House, although a bit uneven. There's a Bonefish Grill as well, along with another in Plantation. Finally, there is El Meson, a small tapas wine bar with a limited selection, all prepared off site, but still very tasty and enjoyable.

      Plantation - only Padrino's (cuban) comes to mind.

      Davie - along with Josef's (we didn't care for it that much) there's Vienna Cafe and Wine Bar with simple Austrian fare.

      Now, if you expand to Pembroke Pines, just a bit south, there's Cohiba Brasserie (Int'l with a latin flavor) and Paella Seafood Grill, the first top notch, the latter excellent tapas and decent main dishes.

      Finally, if you also include Sunrise - albeit a bit farther north, there are a couple of Indian places that, even if not competitive with NYC or Chicago Indian cuisine, are probably the best in Broward.

      Regards, Michael

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        Hey , I'm new in Weston, area and wanted to try some good bakerys Any recommendations? I want a really good pastries and cakes, couldo you help me please, just in Weston Area, Thanks for the help

      2. Josef's is in Plantation, on Broward Blvd. It's not in Davie. Haven't eaten there but I pass by it almost daily. I live in Plantation. Here are my top picks for the W Broward area.

        Plantation - Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza just opened. It's fantastic - thin pizza and wings cooked in a coal oven. The original is in Ft Lauderdale but they've opened up in Weston and a few other locations. Very good.
        --La Bamba Mexican and Spanish is pretty good, if you don't feel like driving.
        --KM at the Grapevine - very good! The owner used to own another restaurant which closed. We were very happy that they opened this one.
        --Vigneto's - Old school Italian - yum.
        --Broadway Bagel - good deli breakfast - great bagels.
        --Kiko - sushi
        --J Alexander - love it but never get to go since DH hates it....

        Davie - We like Falcon Pub alot. It's a dive bar in the form of an English pub. Great beer selection. I really like the British food, though my British friend says it's just ok. Very good bar food either way.
        --Char Hut - fast food but in a great way. Awesome burgers and dogs and great fries. A local chain.
        --Harvest Cafe - good breakfast southern style.
        --Ichiban - My favorite sushi in W Broward. DH likes Kiko in Plantation better.
        --Pizza Loft - best pizza in W Broward, if you're excluding the "fancy" kind (i.e., Anthony's)

        Weston- Flanigan's is a local chain that is great. Very good ribs and wings. They're openign one in Davie soon.
        --Bonefish - love it, even though it's a chain. The one in Plantation closed.
        --Lucille's - good diner food with bit of a gourmet flair.
        -- Anthony's coal fired - see above.

        Sawgrass - it's actually Sunrise but very far west and accessible to Weston, plantation and Davie. At Sawgrass, you will find most of the "better" chains such as PF Changs, Legal Seafoods, Grand Lux Cafe (sp?), Cheesecake Factory. One that I like in particular is Bahama Breeze. Maybe it's not the most original place ever, but the outside area is very nice and the food has always been great.

        As usual in the 'burbs, there will be the usual assortment of chain restos but I'm sure you'll find those without my telling you. Pretty much every chain that you can ask for is out this way. You'll probably find more originality if you go east, but that's the price I pay to be able to afford my home. :)

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          FYI, KM at the Grapevine is no longer. Instead, he's recently opened a new restaurant, Armadillo Beach, in Dania Beach. Not open for dinner yet; just lunch.

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            good to know. thanks. We havent' been in a while.

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            FYI - Bonefish opened in Plantation. Now it's on Nob Hill and Sunrise Blvd, in the same plaza as La Bamba. Totally renovated the existing building and it's actually really nice now. Have been there twice - not disappointed. A great bargain in Plantation.

          3. As mentioned above, you can't beat La Brochette Bistro - officially in Cooper City. Great seafood, fantastic specials, nice atmosphere, reasonable prices and really good desserts. I feel it is head and shoulders above all other options in Southwest Broward (but I haven't been to Cohiba). We also really enjoyed the Korean place mentioned above (Myung Ga), and Anthony's Coal Fired pizza in Weston has great pies and wings - but it's small and crowded. For a lunch don't miss the Cheese Course in Weston Town Center.

            1. Don't know if this is too late, but I always enjoy anything I order at Moon Thai on Weston Road. Try the whole steamed snapper for a healthy great tasting treat. Piazza ben venuto at the far end of Weston is great Italian. The korean place is way cool too. I just ate at The Catch of the Day and it wasn't. It was fresh seafood but oh so boring. The Cheese Course has great sandwiches for lunch.

              1. We like Catch of the day in Weston
                We stopped going to Lucilles Cafe as they keep changing their quality of food. The dinners rolls are not the same, the prices are higher, I mean close to $15 for a salad at a diner is ridiculous. Weston Diner has the same menu with half the prices

                1. I second LaBamba in Plantation. My favorite Mexican restaurant. Always packed and great margaritas! I recommend the skirt steak.
                  In Weston, the Cheese Course is pretty awesome.
                  Davie has Scruby's BBQ (awesome spare ribs).
                  Also, up the road near Sunrise is Shu Shin for great sushi....And Japan Inn in Weston isnt bad.

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                    i just relocated to weston, fl and tried Japan Inn for the first time yesterday. I won't even get into the strange lighting, and strange decor...the food was just simply terrible. I ordered a steamed seafood dinner and everything was overcooked (including the vegetables) beyond recognition. Please tell me there's good Japanese food around here! Anyone have recs?

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                      Head just up the road to Marumi Sushi in Plantation. Authentic Japanese way beyond just sushi similar to the very popular Hiro's Yakko San in Miami. It's also open very late, especially for this part of town.

                      Marumi Sushi
                      8271 W Sunrise Blvd, Plantation, FL 33322

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                        Echo Yosemite Sam. Best authentic Japanese in broward county. Great specials and they'll do a whole fish 3-4 different ways for a great meal. get the deep fried bok choy. Highlights also include the grilled octopus, tuna steak, Yakiniku (japanese BBQ) and japanese fried chicken.


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                          Coincidentally, we got takeout from Marumi last night, because of raves from this board. We were very much underwhelmed. Our sushi rolls were mushy and poorly rolled. The pork with garlic sauce was strange tasting. We did not get any of the items listed above. Not sure if I'm just used to American-style Japanese....

                          We like Kiko in Plantation for fresh sushi and sushi rolls. For the best cooked, specialty rolls we like Thai Thai in Plantation and Ichiban in Davie.

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                          Thanks for the suggestion on Marumi! I went there last night and was in heaven! Outstanding sushi, and great service.

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                        Best ribs in S FL IMO:
                        Georgia Pig just south of Peters Rd. on 441 (closed Sunday and Monday? call first)
                        Lil Reds just E of 95 on 84
                        The Pig has been there for 56 years I think, small place. Both of these are cash only.
                        Tom Jenkins ain't bad but pricier, takeout only and not quite as good as the Pig and Reds I think.

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                          I'll be in Pembroke Pines during dinner time--any good sushi spots in that area? I'll be near the mall. Thanks1

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                            Sushi Ra is actually pretty good, even though it's a chain. It's always been fresh when I've had it there. It's right in Pembroke Gardens.