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ostrich anyone?

ok so i was out by the wild animal park in escondido the other day and they have so many ostrich farms out there! what are they used for?? im guessing their used for meat and eggs but where is that stuff going? any suggestions on where i can find an osrtich steak or omlette? or even a meat market somewhere so could buy it and cook it at home? particularly in san diego?

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  1. ew. what does it taste like?texture?

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      haha when i try it ill let you know. and yes.. this chowhound is pretty dope.

    2. They serve ostrich (frozen, I'm sure) at a very good Chinese place in NYC, whose name I can't remember, on Allen Street a block or two below Delancey. I ordered it and was not thrilled. Standard chickenish flavor and texture, and, for me, not worth the high price.

      It's probably better fresh.

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        Ostrich (at least in burger form) is pretty tasty. it's a little dry in my experience on it's own.

      2. You can get ostich meat at Tip Top Meat in Carlsbad. It is in the freezer next to the meat counter. Tip Top has also good venison (used it two weeks ago for a great Emilia-Romagna ragu), wild boar and quails.

        1. Chad,
          Swing by Iowa Meats on Mission Gorge Rd off I-8 in Mission Valley. They have ostrich along with almost every kind of critter you could want. As far as beef goes, their Delmonico is to die for as is their flat iron steak.

          1. The meat is easy to get, now the eggs on the other hand... who has those for sale??

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              WholeFoods on very rare occasions.

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                I've seen a sign that says "Ostrich Eggs for sale" at that vegetable and fruit stand right before the last intersection going to the Wild Animal Park.

              2. I've had an ostrich burger, and didn't care for it particularly. It tastes a bit like gamier chicken drumstick (and that's the breast meat. From what I hear, it's all breast meat?) I got it at Whole Foods, but call ahead--it's not always in stock.

                1. Seisals in Bay Park, San Diego has frozen ostrich parts. I make it at home all the time. It's totally easy, and very delicious. I am working on publishing the recipe to my blog. I will post the link when I am done. :)

                  1. Believe it or not the Fuddruckers in Mira Mesa has an ostrich burger. I saw a pamphlet on it while waiting in line...it sounded good so I ordered it. As we all know, when we go there the... toppings bar is the best reason to go to Fuddeuckers. So when I ordered the ostrich burger I decided to put all the toppings on the side...that way I could try it plain first. I loved it! I ate half of without anything, but a cheese addict I added the cheese and ate the rest. So to answer your question Chad...It just might be going to your local Fuddruckers.

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