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Apr 12, 2007 10:56 AM

repost: birthday celebration with rowdy and somewhat picky eaters

hi again everyone, and thanks to those who responded to my last post. All I want for my friends birthday is a place with good food, good wine and where we won't be "shushed" for being a little loud. I know there are some good places in cambridge but we would really like to stay "on this side of the river". Great food is the most important thing though. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Mistral might fit the bill. The food is excellent and the dining room is quite loud and can get a bit rowdy. We once had the woman at the table next to us remove her top temporarily and sing happy birthday. I believe she was the paid date of the gentleman she was with. While the staff was flustered, they didn't even get kicked out! True story...

    Otherwise, it is a bit tough in town. Some other spots where the food is OK, but not "great" include Tapeo (get as loud as you want downstairs). Grill23, (no one will hear you above the din).

    Consider Fugakyu. Their private rooms can accomodate upwards of 20 people. We have had some sake fests there.