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Apr 12, 2007 10:29 AM

Complete My Menu

This weekend we are making Braised Brisket w/Ruhbarb and Honey (All About Brasing) and Creamy Buttermilk Coleslaw.

Can you give another side that would fit and a dessert idea. If the dessert is rich I can always skip a second side. It's just DH and I.

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  1. How about mac n cheese? Mustard greens?

    1. Pinto beans and peach cobbler.

      1. sweet potato French fries
        blueberry pie

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        1. re: ChiliDude

          LOVE LOVE LOVE the sweet potato french fries!
          I would definitely do a bean of some sort if you don't like the sweet potato idea....and an apple crisp for dessert!

        2. Sides: fried green tomatoes, fried zucchini, or roasted brussel sprouts (with bacon or pancetta if that's too heathy ;). buttermilk biscuits are pretty key, too.

          Dessert: I reeaaallly like the fruit cobbler or crisp ideas. Or just do a good vanilla ice cream with warm strawberry compote (or any other fruit compote) and maybe a light, decorative drizzle of hot fudge. Or maybe peanut butter cookies served with a small scoop of ice cream.

          1. Side of sweet kugel always goes well with brisket, and could be dessert too :)
            Or just some good bread, like challah or sourdough.