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Apr 12, 2007 10:19 AM

[SEA]Musashi's - What do you really think?

I've heard mixed reviews, mainly from people whose opinions I don't know well enough to trust or not trust. I've heard its great, fresh, popular, not so fresh, inexpensive, overly crowded. The only place I've seen it reviewed in print is one of those Seattle tourist books that we bought a few months ago when we moved to get to know the city better (not for eating recs). This book also highly praised Blue C Sushi, which we tried and were sorely disappointed by (quality, freshness, and raw selection were poor).

So before I trek over to Musashi's for lunch and fight for a parking spot, please tell me if it's worth it.

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  1. I've only eaten here once, and wasn't all that impressed. I am willing to wait a while for excellent sushi, but I'd rather get a satisfying meal out of it, and not feel rushed to finish. When we ordered our sashimi, it arrived too cold. Temperature is one of things you don't notice until it's done wrong. It was a few degrees away from freezer burned. :-( If you're willing to wait, I'd go for Maneki in the I.D. instead--it's still quite affordable.

    1. My roommate brought home take out from here once. Admittadly she had asked for sashimi, which is not on the menu (what? sushi place without sashimi?), but it was raggedly cut in odd pieces, and tasted very tinny. On the other hand, she got basically a huge styrofoam container full of sashimi for $11

      you get what you pay for?

      1. Thanks hounds. That is what I had feared.

        1. People line up outside because it's cheap and they serve large, sloppy pieces of sushi.

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            I wondered why that place always was so crowded. So its a good for people looking for large amounts of cheap raw fish. Heh.

          2. From what I've heard - it's cheap. If that's the best that can be said about raw fish, I think i'll pass.