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wherein we discuss fine submarine sammiches

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hoagies, subs, grinders... whatever you wanna call them, we can all agree that they are delicious! are there any hidden gems out there in seattle? honestly, i don't have much to share here, except to mention TAT'S down in pioneer square. that's a pretty good sub.

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  1. I've been racking my brain about this one... mainly Vietnamese sandwich, bahn mi, places keep popping into my mind. Seattle Deli and a few I know by location but not name.

    However, there is a sub place in Everett, a couple blocks up from Aquasox Stadium is Red Rock Subs they serve a pretty good pot roast sub. Very flavorful and the gravy absorbs into the bread makes for a delicious sandwich.

    1. I agree TAT's is good, and also The Other Coast in Ballard.

        1. One great sandwich place that I never hear mentioned is Hillside Quickies in the U-District. Everything is vegetarian which may turn some off, but I'm a big meat lover and have had a couple remarkable sandwiches there. I also like the hefty subs at the Elliott Bay Pizza Company on Queen Anne.

          1. As I mentioned in the other recent grinder/hoagie thread - there's Tat's and then there's the rest.

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              Buffalo Deli, First Avenue, Belltown. Yum. Good service, too.