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Apr 12, 2007 10:12 AM

mk ok?

what are all your thoughts on mk? it never seems to make the top lists here....?

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  1. MK is great and so is Vivo. They've been around for several years so the hype factor is less. The newer trendy restaurants get more attention....Alinea, Moto, Schwa, Avenue's, David Burke's etc. I've dined at MK many times but not since last year.

    1. My husband took me to Chicago for my 40th birthday in 2004 and we ate at some great places, but our favorite was mk.

      1. MK is really good, but it can be really loud (especially on the weekends). I've also found the service to be a bit rushed at times.

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          I hear you on rushed. I'm sure this came up here a few yrs back, but there had been an article about the automation system that MK uses to guide service. Essentially, diners are clocked such that a party of 2 should be in and out in 80 minutes. I do not know if they still use this approach, but it is common to hear that people feel rushed at MK.

          1. re: NDJ

            We dined at MK last December... Honestly, it certainly wasn't amongst the most memorable meals we've had (granted, that may be because we were with my in-laws!!). Our food was very, very good, but the overall experience (I thought the service was both rushed and way to stuffy for the type of place it is/supposed to be) wouldn't have me rushing back just yet. There are too many other wonderful restaurants in this city! All told, I'd certainly be willing to give it another shot, but I have a list of at least a dozen other similar-caliber places I'd try/go back to first... Just my 2 cents!

        2. I agree with Josh (jesteinf) 100 percent. The food is very good, the place can be very noisy, and the service was so rushed last time we went that we decided that the initials stand for "Mangia Kwik!" Overall, it's good, but there are a lot of places where I enjoy both the food and the experience more - One Sixty Blue, Aigre Doux, and lots of others.

          1. I was in Chicago for the weekend (originally from NYC and a foodie). MK was such a delight! Service was impeccable, food was delicious. Pleased all around with the superb meal and atmosphere!