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Apr 12, 2007 10:11 AM

Los Angeles to Nashville !

I have a trip planned in a couple of days to Nashville, TN. I went to Zagot and Gayot and they do not cover that region. Do any of you know of any (better than) good restaurants in Nashville? We want good food - any type - any price! Thanks in advance.

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  1. Check out http://nashvilleoriginals.com/. These are all locally owned. You can get to menu links for many of the restaurants on this page.

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      Well, a number of the restaurants that are in Nashville Originals are independent but not especially original. Mafioza's is an average sort of pizza place; Provence is a locally owned spin on Panera's; the Turnip Truck is a grocery; Fido's is an expresso bar; Noshville is a "New York deli" that serves ham sandwiches; and so on.

      Try Zola or Margot Cafe for the less usual, far better than average, food.

    2. At the top end consider Zola, Watermark, and F. Scott's. Zola is the most innovative, Watermark has great downtown/gulch ambience especially if it is warm enough to eat outside, and F. Scott's is solid with the best wine selection/menu in town and the best sommelier in the city if not the region. For great local downscale food it is hard to beat Monell's for lunch or dinner, and Elliston Street soda shop for great milk shakes, and good pecan and chess pies in 1950's atmosphere.

      1. I'm not sure exactly what type of food you prefer but I can give you my favorites. I used to live in San Diego and when my LA and SD friends come to visit, they have really loved these places as well.
        Zola (West End)- my favorite "special occasion" place to go
        Radius10 (Gulch)
        Mirror (12 South)
        Park Cafe (Sylvan Park)

        I'm not a huge fan of Watermark- I've been twice and had some friends go and we kind of all agree that the menu just isn't for us. It's really gamey, with rabbit, venison, lots of meat, etc. I just prefer a lighter dining experience.

        1. Tayst on Hillsboro(?) - innovative menu changes quarterly
          Virago - sushi
          And for lunch, I think Provence is a HUGE step up from Panera