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Apr 12, 2007 10:06 AM

Going South ! [moved from Los Angeles Area board]

I have a trip planned in a couple of days to Nashville, TN. I went to Zagot and Gayot and they do not cover that region. Do any of you know of any (better than) good restaurants in Nashville? We want good food - any type - any price! Thanks y'all.

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  1. Hog Heaven, next to Centennial Park. Pulled smoked chicken with white bbq sauce and some of their cobbler.

    Hog Heaven
    115 27th Avenue North

    Pancake Pantry
    1796 21st Ave. South
    Nashville, TN 37212-3704

    Pop's BBQ togo only, go during the day
    701 B 28th Ave. North
    Nashville, TN
    at Clifton Road
    1/4 Mile North of Charlotte St

    Loveless Motel & Cafe
    8400 Highway 100
    Nashville, TN 37221

    Uncle Bud's Catfish Farm
    Interstate 40 @ Stewarts Ferry Pk
    Nashville, TN 615-872-7700

    1. I would not recommend Pancake Pantry - it's one of those places lots of locals love for no apparent reason, like Marston's. Long lines every weekend, waiting hours for so-so grub. Loveless is equally popular, but deserves it. Quite a drive out of town, but GO!

      In the Hillsboro Village area near Pancake Pantry is Sunset Grill, one of the first "trendy-food" places in Nashville and always good if not stunning. The other establishments nearby have evolved since I was last there, but consult the listings in the Nashville Scene, the (very good) free weekly. In fact, you would be well advised to look those listings up online at - the capsule reviews are much more reliable than those in most LA periodicals.

      For the REAL Nashville experience I'd strongly advise you to have a plate lunch at the best "meat-and-three" in town, Arnold's Country Kitchen on 8th Avenue, a block or so south of where it meets Lafayette (pronounced "la-FAY-et"). Get there by 11:30 to avoid the long line, and Monday is fried chicken day.

      Best pizza is Pizza Perfect in Hillsboro Village, though the Bosco's brewpub nearby used to have good artisanal ones, including my favorite Magherita (and an awfully good IPA). M'ambu on Hayes Street has good contemporary American with some Caribbean thrown in (disclosure: one of the chef-owners, the female partner, is a good friend of ours). There are lots of new places I don't personally know about on 12th Ave. South, over in East Nashville, Asian places out Charlotte Pike and an explosion of Latin American (Central, South and Mexican) out Nolensville Road, but again you can look them up on the Scene's site. You sure won't go hungry!

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        I would avoid Uncle Bud's and Pop's BBQ at all costs. Jack's BBQ on broadway is usually a treat, though. I would agree to either hit Arnold's or even Monell's on 6th Avenue for a family style southern meal. As far as contemporary restaurants go, Zola on West End Avenue is amazing, and Margot Cafe on Woodland Street in 5 points is also a cozy, well-concieved restaurant with a daily changing menu. I have not been dissapointed there.

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        1. Hardcore recommendations:
          The best chicken in the world is in Nashville. Hot chicken shacks!
          400 degrees or Prince's are good spots. Call ahead and carry out. Very unsafe area and a total hole in the wall. I actually create trips to Nashville just to get this chicken.

          Margot Cafe & Bar is good if you want something nice. Donut Den is good late night.

          There are also some very nice Taco Trucks/Stands in Nashville (now illegal in ATL but reminds me of the Mission in SF)

          Here are a couple of pics:

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            BTW, Moon gets credit for turning me onto the chicken.