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Apr 12, 2007 10:03 AM

Vegie Italian in SF

I am bringing my vegie son to SF for a day of fun. Looking for a good quality moderately priced vegie (no fish) dinning experience.




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  1. Does he eat dairy and eggs?

    Incanto can be great for vegetarians but it varies somewhat from day to day--there are always some great appetizers but the vegetarian pastas and entrees are sometimes less inspired than the others.

    This time of year, with lots of exciting spring produce inspiring the chef, it should be a good bet.

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    1. I've been to Cafe Viva before which has 15+ vegetarian friendly pastas. No the best Italian but a great vegetarian variety & affordable. I had the portobello ravioli, my SO had the baked penne, & my friend the broccoli pasta. We all liked ours just fine. You can pick & choose some combos of sauce + pasta.

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        That sounds just right. Thanks!