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Apr 12, 2007 09:56 AM

Blackburn Tavern gone?

I've been trying to contact the Blackburn Tavern in Gloucester for days to make a reservation, and no answer on the phone? Anyone know what's going on? Their website is down too......

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  1. They are gone, a friend of mine waitressed there. I believe they are making it into some sort of upscale mexican, no idea on the timeline for opening.

    1.'s gone. It's been about two months.
      damn shame too....great jazz brunch on sundays.

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        The Blackburn has been purchased by the owners of Jalapenos, a great Mexican restaurant in Gloucester. It will be "fine" dining (whatever that is) and a martini bar. The owners have had one extremely successful restaurant in town for 25 years, so they probably have a pretty acurate idea of the demographics and what will be a success. Too bad about the Blackburn though. Clearly the end of an era.

        1. re: greenstate

          Proud to say I hit that bar more than any other ever. Darts, blues, jazz, local babes and just plain drinkin' ! They had a few good eats too from time to time. It will be missed.

          Jalepenos is FAR from really good mexican but it passes for "better than most". It is successful however and hopefully they bring some grilled mexican stuff to the fore, spicy smoky moles etc and not just a replica of the tex mex menu. Buena suerte to them!

      2. Drove by the Blackburn this weekend and noticed that it's open.

        Elliot's at the Blackburn, I think it's called. There was a menu in the window, but I didn't have time to stop.

        Anyone been or heard what type of place it is?

        1. My wife and I were in Gloucester on Sunday evening and happened upon this place, now indeed open and known as Elliot's at the Blackburn. We had an hour to kill and had been walking around town, getting rather cold. The place looked inviting.

          Entering, we were greeted by a friendly hostess and the smell of a wood fire in the fireplace. The decor was very nice; all pubby and comfortable yet somewhat refined.

          We sat at the bar and got a couple drinks. My martini was well made. The bartender was efficient enough, but a bit awkward.

          After a while, though, we became aware of a running feud between the bartender and the hostess. She came to pick up a couple drinks to take to a table, and as she approached them she said, loudly enough for us and the bartender to hear, "What?!"-- in a way that implied "this joker screwed up yet another simple order!"

          The bartender came over and tense, sarcastic words were exchanged. It went on like this. At one point the bartender disappeared for some time--my guess is to have a smoke--and while he was out the hostess went behind the bar to get drinks for customers. (The place was far from busy on this Sunday night.) When dude comes back he walks in and says, "WHAT are you DOING?!!" They argue some more, and he says "I'm clockin' out." He leaves again but pretty soon is back.

          This poisonous atmosphere was a real buzzkill. We paid and left. It could have been a nice experience. Where were the owners, or at least a manager? Someone needs to train the staff better, and maybe referee. Put these two birds on different shifts. Sheesh.

          1. HI, so lets all get the story correct. The former Blackburn Tavern, is now called Elliotts At The Blackburn. Simply google Elliotts at the Blackburn, and you will be taken directly to their web site. You can then get the scoop yourself.

            I for one love the new place, food is fantastic, drinks made to perfection with freehand pour, and priced very competatively, beer is definetly the cheapest in town. Live music on Fri-Sun. Atmosphere is quite a few ticks above the old Blackburn Tavern, They cleaned the place up a ton, and you feel clean going in. A good thing.

            I noticed "seefood's" comment below, but must say the many times I have been in, I have not noticed the staff interaction issues, maybe someone was having a bad day. Give it a go, you will be happy you did.

            Elliott At the Blackburn
            2 Main St, Gloucester, MA 01930