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Apr 12, 2007 09:55 AM

Guys night out

Hi All - Anyone have recommendations on spots for a guys night out? Three 30 sumthing guys. In an area where we can go out after - or easy cab. In the city....Bucktown/(n/s/w)Loop/LP....
Look forward to any novel/new spots. Thanks

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  1. Hate to state the obvious, but since I don't live in Chicago and miss it immensley, I gotta go with Chi Pizza. You pick the spot....if its pizza in chicago, you can bet it will be great. That reminds me of a post.....thanks.

    1. Can you be a bit more specific? From your posts, you seem to live in Chicago. Are you looking for the frat boy experience of Wrigleyville? Or more of a steakhouse/downtown club vibe? Or just a good place to eat and then chill at a neighborhood bar?

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        Yeah live in chicago - but hoping folks can recommend a new place out there as i've been cooped up and outta the circut on baby patrol for a while....steak joints or better bars - really anything that you'd think of as a "guys" night out place - not dainty....not the club feel. thanks veyr much.

        1. re: p_torres1

          So you're saying you don't want Tea at the Drake.

          How about Fago De Chao? Then maybe to the Kerryman for some drinks at a solid Irish pub?

              1. re: lexplorateur

                well i botched the name abd I can't edit it for some reason. It's Fogo De Chao. Brazillian churrisca. Pretty much all you can eat meat but in a high class way. I like it.

                1. re: lbs

                  This is a chain -- not very "Chicago"...

                  1. re: boettger

                    It's located on Clark Street. That's pretty "Chicago"! The OP is looking for a great "night out with the guys", which just happens to be in Chicago. It's not a Chicago "tradition", but that's not what the OP asked for, either. He lives in the area, not just passing through, so I'd second the idea, if they're gluttonous meat eaters. But I usually only go to Fogo for lunch, for two reasons. It's a much better value at lunch, but, more importantly, you have the afternoon to walk it off. An evening feast at Fogo may put them all to sleep on their barstools an hour later. I'd suggest Japonais or Sushi Wabi, if they like sushi. Much better viewing experience for three guys out on the town. Or Rockit Bar & Grill, for that matter. Or Hop Haus?

                    1. re: YoYoPedro

                      YoYo, the guy lives in the Chicago area and either doesn't know downtown or doesn't want the same old same old ("Look forward to any novel/new spots"). I didn't say anything about FdC's not being a Chicago institution -- you did -- but FdC certainly doesn't qualify on the novel/new front, given that every large city in America has one. If I were spending a night out in Chicago, a chain restaurant is the last place I'd go, no matter how good (or merely suitable) it is. And FdC is on LaSalle, not Clark.

            1. re: lbs

              Fogo de Chao in theory would be a great choice. The camraderie of men sharing skewered meat by the plateful sounds like a great idea. It raises within me a long-forgotten primordial urge. The problem comes when you have 2.5 to 5 lbs of meat sitting in your stomach and you attempt to go out for drinks afterwards. My friends and I tried to go out after my first Fogo de Chao experience and it was a mistake. We lasted about a half hour before we had to call it a night and head our seperate ways to rest. After this feast, a couch or comfortable chair is required to relax and digest. I think the perfect place for a guys night out is the Chicago Chop House. They have great steaks and the scene is perfect for a few fellas to enjoy themselves with a couple of drinks and beautiful cuts of beef meat. Can I come???

              1. re: Big Willi

                Along the same lines, but more convenient, is Tango Sur on Southport. It's a snug Argentine-style bbq. Start off with crunchy empanadas overfilled with rich cheese and salty ham. Next move on to sizzling grills of beef, sausage, pork and lamb (for half the price of what they charge at Fogo de Chao). End with a belly-busting serving of dulce de leche flan and you've got a meal. Best part is the place is BYOB so you save tons of money. The restaurant is generally "classy," most people are in their late 20s and early 30s, but I've seen guys come in with Jack Daniels and Bombay Sapphire to drink with their meals, so if that's your idea of a guys night, you're in good company.

                Just down the street are SoPo, Coobah, Irish Eyes and a whole gaggle of good bars. I can't imagine a better locale.

                1. re: JungMann

                  I second Tango Sur - the food is great and have seen groups of guys with bottles of Jack and lots of beer.

        2. Mandatory for a 30 something's Trio;

          Carnivale, De La Costa, Japonais, and Rockit Bar & Grill.
          Rock-it is great for pool and decent bar food. Get a table early!
          Carnivale for great atmosphere (the decor/design/overall space is incredible), food, drinks, and ample eye candy. Also try De La Costa(really unique cool space), and Japonais. Carnivale and De La Costa are Nuevo Latino. Japonais for creative sushi, drinks, and abundant eye candy.

          Skip the reccomendation for Irish Eyes...what a smelly hole in the wall. For a great dive, check out the Map Room (food on Tuesdays only / great local crowd and great beer selection) on Armitage in Bucktown and The Hopleaf in Andersonville for great Euro Bar food and Belgian Beer plus great eclectic crowd. Also try The Green Mill (been around since 1907) on Broadway at Lawrence in the Uptown neighborhood. The Double Door in Bucktown is a great live music venue. For great late night dining stop at The Bijan on State street in the Goldcoast.

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          1. re: amoncada

            Believe me, I never recommended Irish Eyes. It's the Wrigleyville answer to Beaumont's. I'd rather be at Coobah, but judging by how popular the dive bars in LP are, there must be an abundance of people who, unlike me, like these establishments.

            1. re: JungMann

              My only experiences at Irish Eye's have been during Lincoln Fest when everyone is totally blasted. Yes, I agree, the young crowd at Irish Eye's is much like Beaumonts. Coobah is a good place and neighborhood, decent food, great drinks, and plenty of eye candy.

            2. re: amoncada

              Ditto Amoncada's recs. Definitely Rockit Ranch (and possibly over to Billy's new car, the Underground for more cocktails), Japonais (go downstairs for a sake sangria after dinner to "people" watch--awesome food, too. Another rec: James hotel, to J bar for cocktails and then to the steakhouse therein.