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Apr 12, 2007 09:44 AM

Grilled fish sandwich?

Anyone have a recommendation for a great grilled (not fried) fish sandwich in Manhattan? There are plenty of great pieces of fish, but not often in sandwich form. There's not much I miss about southern California (well except the burritos and tacos) but I did like the fact that almost every menu had a grilled fish sand on it.

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  1. I have seen grilled Mahi Mahi sandwich at Lure Fishbar Lunch menu. (not for dinner though). I have never tried it but you might want to give it a try.

    1. if you don't mind traveling to brooklyn, dumont burger on bedford ave in wmsburg has a great grilled fish sandwich.

      1. This is a very good question because New York doesn't seem to have a lot of options. There is one place I would recommend: Houston's.

        I go to the 3rd Ave location often for their grilled fish sandwich, which comes with fries or cole slaw, for about $16. It's fresh and perfectly grilled - - served on a good bun with lettus & tomato, in the classic "delux" tradition.

        1. i too am always looking for a good grilled fish sandwich, mainly b/c the fried option, while tasty, isn't always the healthiest.

          i've had a pretty decent grilled salmon sandwich w/ basil mayo on a bun w/ lettuce, tomato, and grilled onions at EJ's diner. Also I'm pretty sure the Catfish Po'Boy at Chat n Chew gives you an option of grilled, fried, or blackened.

          1. i'm pretty sure acme on bond street has a grilled fish sandwich.
            also, this isn't exactly the same, but the tuna burger at schillers is pretty tasty. i actually prefer it to a slab of grilled fish on a bun!