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Need a yummy birthday cake. In the shape of a car or motorcycle please...

I need to find a good bakery that will make a children's style cake. This is for an automotive business anniversary party. I'd like a car or motorcycle cake big enough for 20 people. Grown-ups will be eating the cake so having it be tasty is a must. Thanks!

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  1. Party Favors in Brookline should fit the bill perfectly.

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      I second that recommendation! They do beautiful and really tasty cakes. They have very creative designs - they even made my friend a cake in the shape of a toilet!

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        I once brought a photo of a tractor to Party Favors, and they made an excellent, edible rendition of it. I think you need to give them about a week to create a specialty cake like this.

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          I recommend tasting a Party Favors cupcake before ordering a huge cake there. I'm one of those people who can't stand shortening in my frosting, and that is what Party Favors (and most other bakeries, Rosie's being one exception I know of) uses. If tastiness is important to you, it's easy to try one of their cupcakes on site.

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            I reccomend tasting a Party Favors cupcake when you go in to order as well. You will end up leaving up with at least a half dozen for the ride home! Party Favors is the best!!

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              Party Favors makes beautiful cakes. I do not like their taste at all. The cake part is chemical tasting (like a box mix that could be made at home) and the frosting is made with shortening as powella describes. If you prefer frosting made from butter, Konditor Meister makes really delicious cakes. They do make the cakes the day of pickup, so you won't have any "freezer" taste either.

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                Agreed, I am not a fan of Party Favors. They look great but always leave me wanting in the taste department.

        2. Apologies if this posts twice ... Konditor Meister in Braintree is genius at this sort of thing.


          1. Cakes To Remember would do an amazing job. Although they specialize in wedding cakes, I've seen some of their custom party cakes and they're amazing. And delicious.


            1. Montilio's is well known for their creative cakes.

              1. I've viewed the portfolio for The Icing on the Cake (www.theicingonthecake.com) and it's a lot more interesting than what they show on their website- I'm sure they could do it. I really like their cakes too.

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                  Having had generally good, but occasionally disappointing, results with Party Favors, we switched to The Icing on the Cake and have never looked back. Their cakes are just as creative as Party Favor and are more consistently good.

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                    I love the selction of cakes/fillings, too. Amaretto, Grand Marnier, etc.

                2. Lyndell's in Somerville is our go-to place for kid-style cake. They are fun and delicious (in a traditional bakery-cake kind of way). Cakes to Remember did our wedding cake and it was absolutely fantastic - looked great (think Mad Hatter all sort of falling down) and tasted even better. That'd be my high-brow rec, for sure.

                  1. Sweet Tooth bakery makes delicious cakes. They made an extremely unique cake with a chianti bottle rising out of the surface for my friend's 30th - even added small details such as having the vintage year as 1977 (birth year). They can get pricey, however. This cake fed over 40 people easily.

                    1. I'd definitely try Cafe Cakes in Watertown.

                      1. I'd recommend going to Eastern Standard (KIDDING). No, I would definitely agree with North Ender and go to Konditor Meister in Braintree. I'm sure they would gladly do something like that.

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                            I know they don't makes cakes, but I thought Marc would have recommended The Paddock for their pies.

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                              No, I get my pies at Eastern Standard, too.

                          2. I agree with the suggestion of Party Favors in Brookline. They have really done wonders for specific theme cakes for birthday parties.

                            1. You're kidding me! Did you try Stop & Shop?

                              1. if you want cake that tastes GOOD, take it from a pastry chef and do not go to konditormeister's, rosie's, or montillio's. save yourself the money and buy some cake mix and a few pans. I actually kind of like the roche brothers grocery store cakes. you could try Quebrada in Wellesley, they're ok but nothing spectacular.