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Apr 12, 2007 09:07 AM

Amazing Fried Calamari and Creme Brulee?

I'm putting together a Bday dinner for a good friend in Philly, and her favorites are Fried Calamari and Creme Brulee. Any suggestions for where to go?

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  1. Haven't been recently, but we had delicious fried calamari and creme brulee at the Chart House awhile back.

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      Standard Tap has the best creme brulee and fried calamari. It's usually a huge portion of creme brulee. I would recommend calling before you go to make sure those food items are available.

      1. re: phillyjules

        I'll second the calamari at Standard Tap. It's my favorite in the city!

    2. Not sure about creme brulee (I'm not a fan) but IMO, N. 3rd in Northern Liberties has the best fried calamari in the city. Lightly breaded, fresh tender squid, fried golden.......yum. The South Philly Taproom also has a mean fried calamari app.

      1. Dmitri's on 3rd & Catherine Sts.... end your search now... look no further for the absolute best fried calamari in the city... it is so good my mouth is watering just writing about it at this moment... it is lightly breaded, extremely tender, and fried to perfection... for dessert theu serve a creamy, caramelly custard flan, not quite creme brulee (but it is good), and the fried calamari will sure make up for it... trust me... my girlfriend (soon to be fiance... shhhh!) makes me go every weekend just to get it! So grab a bottle of your favorite wine (or beer) for Dmit's is a BYOB and enjoy the best fried calamari you have ever tasted! Mangia!

        1. I'll tackle the former: I think the calamari at Trattoria Totaro in Conshy is fantastic.