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Apr 12, 2007 09:05 AM

Grumpy White's Last Night

Got over to Grumpy White's in Quincy last night. I ended up getting their boneless fried chicken dinner, and wow, was it ever good. Tasty cuts of white meat breaded and deep fried, with mashed potatoes, corn, and gravy. I probably took three years off my life by eating this, but it was more than worth it!

Next time I think I'll try the fried chicken sandwich. Can't wait!

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  1. You must try the $16 lobster roll (which is a bargain for the amount of loster you get).

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    1. re: shepherdspie

      Thanks for the tip on the lobster roll. Maybe I'll get it with a side order of fried chicken sandwich! ;-b

      It's so tough to choose from the menu at Grumpy White's--the hot dogs are excellent, burgers are very good, scallops are tasty, and of course, the fried chicken dinner is phenomenal.

        1. re: Joanie

          Maybe about $10 or 11? I got that, a French onion soup, and a beer, and it all came to a shade over $20 plus tip for mine.

          BTW, where was that picture taken with the diner and the church? The place looks familiar, but maybe I'm thinking of some other place.

          1. re: hiddenboston

            That's a great deal.

            Unfortunately, we didn't get to eat at O'Rourke's either. My friend from Middletown kept telling me about what a bad part of town it was in and when we got there it was like, what the hell is he talking about? There were a couple bums but big deal. I heard things were too far gone but hopefuly they'll come back.

      1. I have yet to try Grumpy White's, and I live in the general area. What the heck is wrong with me????

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        1. re: xo_kizzy_xo

          I live in the general area as well and I have yet to try it. I want to try it now more than ever, especially with all the good reviews on here and on the phantom gourmet. I don't think I've even heard one bad thing about the place.

        2. I've never had their fried chicken, but now I have an incentive to go back and try that. My favorite dishes on their menu so far: Meatloaf, fish and chips, burgers, and the prime rib, which was awesome. Juicy and tender and I could get it actually blood red rare, unlike some places which only serve it grey and dried out. Oh, and their brick of Onion rings is excellent too.

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          1. re: mwk

            I don't know, I just don't get the appeal of Grumpy's. There is basically no atmosphere and the food is average IMHO.