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Apr 12, 2007 07:53 AM

Cava or Trevor's Kitchen

Has anyone been to either? I'd like to go for dinner Saturday night.

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  1. I've been to both restaurants and, coincidentally, I'm going to Trevor on Saturday night. I think the two differ most in terms of atmosphere - Trevor has a cozy, hip subterranean vibe while Cava is brighter and more casual. I liked the food and service at both - Trevor specializes in modern comfort food while Cava, as I'm sure you know, serves tapas. If I was looking for a night out where the dinner was the highlight of the evening, I'd give the edge to Trevor on all counts. If I was looking for something a little faster and more casual, I'd try Cava. Then again, at this stage, it may be a question of where you can get a reservation.

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      Just a quick footnote to say that we had a fantastic dinner at Trevor on Saturday night. We sat in the bar area, which was hopping busy but still a great spot. Our waiter was lovely - friendly, super-attentive, very knowledgeable re: the one food allergy at our table, charming, etc. We shared a bunch of dishes off of both the bar and restaurant menus - nachos with beef cheek, chevre and toppings, trio of mini kobe burgers, calamari with bacon aioli, beef carpaccio with greens, lamb tenderloin and a couple of other things. The only dish I thought was kind of bland was the tempura curry shrimp with jicama/apple salad - the salad needed more zip/tang. This was only my second time at Trevor but so far, it's 2 for 2 on food, atmosphere and service - I really like this place. Also, though I'm not 100% sure, I think I saw Michael Stadtlander eating dinner there that evening.

    2. I much preferred my experience at Cava, but I'm a Chris MacDonald fan and hate basements.

      The wait staff were wonderfully accomodating to my barrage of questions about charcuterie (eager home cook), and even brought me back to the kitchen for a tour of their homemade sausages. Besides, who would possibly turn down chipotle caramel corn?!

      That said, pate's right - they are very different experiences. I'd say check out both menus online and go for the one that appeals. Neither disappoint!

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        cava - hands down, for service, for food and for the room. Much higher-end food- unique and impressive.

      2. I would definately go back to CAVA we had a great meal there and very professional service. It was very laid back but very well done. Trevor was great food, and a fun atmosphere. I would go back to the bar for drinks and snacks at the bar. I didn't like the 12 year old hostess and the bus girl who stood beside our table all night with nothing to do. But our waiter was decent, she seemed to be a bit more mature. It was packed.