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Apr 12, 2007 07:47 AM

Tim's Triple Chocolate Doughnuts

I admit it, I got suckered in by the incessant advertising of Tim Horton's Triple Chocolate Doughnuts and went and bought one this morning.

For something that's supposedly has triple chocolate in it, it was surprisingly difficult to find any chocolate taste at all. I propose they be renamed Tim Horton's Triple Icing Sugar and Brown Food Colouring Doughnuts instead.

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  1. TH donuts just go from bad to worse- despicable. They don't even look good in ads anymore.

    1. Yeah I wasn't even tempted by this ad campaign (and I work in a building with a Eurorest cafeteria and Tims, next closest option is SuperCentre... very limited options here!)
      But I do like their new cream cheese danish well enough, much to my surprise.

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      1. re: julesrules

        These new triple chocolate donuts are absolutely horrible. They are so sweet and that chocolate filling tastes disgusting!!! I'll say this before anyone else does, Tim Hortons is OVERRATED!!!!!!!!!!

        1. re: callitasicit

          Just another example of a successful restaurant debasing their products and getting away with it.

          I'm hardly a donut fanatic, and find most donuts (anywhere) too sweet, but Tim's were the best, usually made on site and never more than a few hours old. The first time a Tim's sour cream donut left a fat slick on the roof of my mouth, I thought is was just one bad donut. I soon learned that this is the new normal. They are no longer fresh and no longer necessarily made on site.

          A staffer at one large Tim's that used to be very good told me that many items arrive frozen and are finished in some kind of microwave apparatus. Can anyone reliably confirm or deny this?

          Seems Wendy's are to blame for this turn of events, but they were right - people still line up for Tim's (though not for Wendy's!)