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Apr 12, 2007 07:34 AM

port of subs vs togos vs blimpie vs cousins etc?

i've never tried any of them except blimpie, but i saw a port of subs going up near my house. any thoughts?

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  1. Togos and Cousins have been around our area for the last few years but neither has ever thrilled me that much. With a few good local sandwich shops here, I find it very hard to make room for any sub chain besides Quizno's. Port, I'm not familiar with.

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      unfortunately there aren't a lot of local sandwich shops by my house. i do like quiznos once in a while, but they keep taking away items i like (polenta rolls, flatbread). =(

      1. re: abbefaith

        I don't know if it's just the local Quizno's shops, but I'm pretty sick of going in the evening hoping for soup and finding the tureens empty and getting cleaned for closing up at SEVEN O'CLOCK. The POS website doesn't look like they're anything out of the ordinary, but you never know.

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          it's not just you. i've experienced the "no soup for you" here in phoenix too.

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            whew. I thought maybe they just hid the soup when they saw me approach the building.

    2. The only Blimpies I've ever been to was inside a gas station and it was gross. Can't stand Subway. Quizno's is doable. Haven't tried the others.

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        i agree with you on subway. i actually tried blimpie recently, and i got one of their ciabatta paninis. it actually wasn't that bad especially because they have a true panini grill where it closes down on your sandwich and leaves grill marks instead of the typical quick oven or conveyer belt. their ingredients were also pretty fresh. i'm not too fond of gas station concepts either though. maybe give a freestanding one a chance.

      2. Port of Subs had its beginnings in my neck of the woods, Northern Nevada. Its expanded into Southern Nevada and Arizona (and I saw one way back when in Vallejo, CA). I prefer their sandwiches over any mentioned in the OP - they offer oil & vinegar, oregano, and some nice toppings like sprouts, olives, peppers, pickles. Their bread is only the basic wheat or white rolls. That being said, they still don't stack up to a true independent shop's deli sandwich, but they'll do in a pinch.