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Apr 12, 2007 07:26 AM

The Cape? (Dallas)

Bill Addison slammed The Cape this morning in his review. Has anyone been there? Curious to see how others' experiences, impressions, etc. compare.

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  1. I hadn't heard of the place but I really like the concept. I cook a lot of seafood myself and generally try to do it "healthy". I wonder if it was really as bad as he says it was or if he just doesn't like "healthy". OTOH his complaints mostly sounded legitimate. Is the place new? Maybe it will get better.

    The review makes me want to try it out myself but unfortunately it will be a while before I get the chance.

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    1. re: luniz

      Yes, brand spanking new. I was also really excited to see the concept. I've been looking for another place to get fresh, healthy fish in a restaurant (I just can't fight the crowd at Fish City Grill these days). But the review was such a turn-off that I might hold off until I hear something better. . .

      1. re: vktp

        I will have to check out the review of The Cape. I went with my teenage daughter and we both loved our food. The seafood tasted very fresh, and we had excellent service. We had dinner there, too. Tonight, The Cape is having $2 Cape Cods (on every Thursday night) as well as a jazz band on the patio.

        1. re: dallasali

          And this positive review alone is enough for me to at least give it a chance. Though I suspect the $2 cape cods might be a motivator too.

    2. Oh . . . My . . . God.

      Was I ever disappointed with the Cape. If I wasn't currently in the midst of more stuff than God Almighty himself could handle in 6 days, I'd post a review.

      Suffice to say it sucked. And all I like to eat is Seafood. I had some seafood stew. It was so heavy, so overdone that I couldn't even taste the fish.

      And my brother had some crap soup that tasted like orange carrot juice with a couple bits of marine protein.

      I was so excited by the concept. And so dismally disappointed by the execution. Just terrible.

      And no, I have not yet read Bill Addison's review.

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      1. re: Epicurious Esquire

        I went last Friday night... horrible experience. I had the clam chowder and tuna steak. the chowder had no redeeming qualities and the tuna steak was terrible. quite possibly one of the worst pieces of tuna I have ever been served.

        the service was good and the pricing was reasonable; however, the food was not good.

        1. re: Epicurious Esquire

          Don't know when you went, but there is a new chef and a lot of positive changes, you should at least give it another try if for no other reason than good jazz and $2.00 cocktails! Take a pet.

        2. I think he must have missed the point- anyway, its a bit early on to be so harsh on a new place. I have eaten there 3 times now, love the atmosphere, the food is good, fresh and feels so healthy (there are OTHER places for fried stuff). Having such a great patio off the street makes me wonder why anyone would go to Primos and sit out on McKinney breathing carbon monoxide when you could be a couple blocks away having great drinks, wines by the glass and can hear your friends speak. Give it a try, you won't be sorry!

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          1. re: Jennifer Miller

            I have to concur with the bad reviews above. I had the Bouillabaisse and it was awful. The "orange carrot juice with a couple bits of marine protein" comment above describes it pretty well.

          2. I tried it when it first opened (about 2 months ago), for both dinner and brunch (twice). It's a nice concept, and I hope they work out the problems, but my meals were pretty bad. For example, at brunch ordered the mushroom and goat cheese frittata. It came out as a dry, overcooked (burnt on one end) omelet with some mushrooms and a big pile of goat cheese shoved in the middle. It was not a frittata, and it was really bad.

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            1. re: Christnp

              I have yet to read Bill Addison's review. I had the misfortune of eating at the restaurnant on one occasion in the not so distant past and I have little desire for a return trip. Initially, I ordered cassoulet. However, there was no duck in the house so the staff suggested that the duck could just as easily be substituted w/ chicken. My thought - no thanks. So, I opted for the bouillabaisse. And what i was served had little resemblance to the traditional fish stock from Marseille. It was more akin to a orange / carrot smoothie concoction from Jamba Juice. No wait, that would be a compliment. How about Smoothie King?