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Apr 12, 2007 06:45 AM

guests from out of town me to take them to live music with dinner on a tues night. stumped.

any suggestions?

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  1. Take them to "Cuba" in the West Village. Great live music and awesome food

    1. Check to see if there is something going on at the Jazz Standard (downstairs from Blue Smoke.)

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      1. re: selizara

        will do. thanks for the info, i've been meaning to check out jazz standard sometime- blue smoke has good food. is it possible to converse downstairs over music or is it really, really loud down there?

        1. re: bfry

          I've been to Jazz Standard a few times and it's a terrific venue. It's not super loud but at the same time not the kind of place were you can have much conversation during the set (nor do I think it's really encouraged - the orientation is definitely to just sit and enjoy the music since conversation might be distruptive to other people). Of course a quick back and forth is doable, it's just not a great place for on-going conversation. The music is definitely the focus.

          Generally I like to eat at Blue Smoke first and then go downstairs for dessert and the show. I've noticed that the menu at Jazz Standard looks to be a smaller version of BS's menu (take a look at the website) - though they likely share the same kitchen so maybe anything on the BS menu could be fair game if you ask.

          1. re: bfry

            Agree with pellegrino, the music at the Jazz Standard is definitely the main event. The first time I went I ordered food and felt almost uncomfortable chowing down during the set, so I'd recommend dessert or the nice cocktails and not a whole meal if you go for the music.

          2. re: selizara

            this is a good idea. i have been meaning to check this out as well.
            if you can separate the dinner and music parts, you will have more options - jazz or crappy cover bars in the village for example.

          3. You could check out who's playing at Joe's Pub, on Lafayette near Astor Place. I think you would have to get tickets in advance, and get there about 30+ minutes early for a dinner table.

            And if you're willing to split up the dinner and music, Cornelia St Cafe has interesting jazz, along with poetry readings, downstairs. Not sure if you can order food down there.

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              Joe's Pub is a great, classy, intimate place. I recommend making reservations if you plan to eat dinner. They have a small number of tables, and the rest is standing room only at the bar.

              The food is decent but nothing extraordinary, and a little on the expensive side for what you're getting. But the atmosphere is very nice.

            2. You could try Jules in the East Village - they have live jazz in the evenings.

              1. I think that jazz and food together is usually not a great match, for me anyway. Either the musicians are so good it's difficult to eat without feeling as though you're doing something rude. Or the musicians are just average to bad background music, and then what's the point anyway.

                Is this for NEXT Tuesday, 4/17?

                Joe's Pub is a good idea, but the food can be kind of "eh." It's also a pretty serious performance venue, the food is definitely secondary, and it's a place that is hard to just "drop by." There's a CD release party going on there next Tuesday, so my guess is that it will be a very earnest scene. The opening act is an Inuk throat singer.

                At SOBs there is a interesting reggae artist next Tuesday, Richie Spice. The food there is Caribbean, so is the atmosphere. Entree menu:

                At Jacques Imo's on the UWS there is usually a big New Orleans style brass band, which can be really fun. Even if it *is* jazz, it's so boisterous that eating is part of the party, instead of diners clinking their forks self-consciously. Fun cajun food. But call first to see if there is music that night.

                I would have suggested BB King's, but next Tuesday is a crappy Queen cover band.