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Apr 12, 2007 06:43 AM

digital thermometer reccs?

I want to buy an instant-read digital thermometer which provides both celsius and fahrenheit readings. I'm going to use it mainly for candy-making, but I'd love it if it could read room temperatures, flour temps, etc. too, so I could use it for bread-baking. Does anyone have any brands to reccommend, or ones I should steer clear of? Thanks guys...

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  1. the Thermapen is not cheap but good

    For a instant digital thermometer that can read the room temp and the surface temperature of a pan or your candy an infrared laser type can work. I use one to check oil temperature when frying. Even though it is reading the surface it's not too bad. For candy your margin of error is smaller.

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      I agree on the Thermapen. It is pricey, but worth it if you can afford it. It is also very quick which the cheaper thermometers are not. I got mine from King Arthur Flour catalogue with a coupon and their price was pretty good.

      1. re: baloo

        Third vote for Thermapen.

        For oil temperature, yeast proofing, steaks, roasts, chicken, fish... you will start using it for everything because it works so well. It will end up saving you wrecked dinners and wasted entrees in all likelihood, and nothing I have used outside of a lab compares to it in response time or probe size.

        You get what you pay for in this case.

        1. re: ttriche

          Fourth. I've had many instant-reads over the years and I am never going back to any of them. The response is lightning-fast, you can't beat the temperature spread, and it's got a very thin probe that doesn't puncture a giant gaping wound in your meat. My only complaint is that as a lifelong fingernail biter, it's sometimes hard for me to swing the probe out from under its latch on the bottom of the unit.

    2. I got a decent Therma-pen clone(-40F/450F) from Wal-mart for $13. I use it for meat mostly. I also have an actual candy thermometer because I wouldn't want to leave the plastic bodied thermo above boiling liquid for too long. It's graduations start at 40C or 100F.