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Apr 12, 2007 06:25 AM

Chinese Take-out?

I'm up for some Chinese takeout. I'm leaning toward Shangri-la in Belmont. Had some delicisous spicy fish filet with beancurd from there, but haven't had much else. The other alternative would be Szechuan Bay in Teele.

Any suggestions?

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  1. I really like Zoe's near Inman Sq.

    1. I'm a big fan of East Asia at Powderhouse Square in Somerville. Fresh food, good prices, friendly people, etc. They also have a number of Thai entrees there, too. The place is tiny, so I prefer to do takeout there.

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      1. re: hiddenboston

        I'm hooked on the food at East Asia in Somerville too. East Asia is my new favorite Chinese take-out place. Their luncheon specials are fantastic, good food for a good price!

        1. re: buffet king

          Hrmmm. I tried East Asia once with a friend and neither of us was at all impressed. The food was okay, but Qingdao Garden is about as close and far better. Do you find East Asia to be good for where it is (I guess if you're coming from the Ball Sq. direction there isn't much competition) or just fabulous overall?

          Maybe we didn't order correctly? Could East Asia fans suggest some specific dishes? I live about equidistant from Qingdao, Schezhuan Bay (which I haven't tried yet) and East Asia, so it would take a promise of guaranteed deliciousness to pry me away from the Sichuan food. :)

          I guess the third possibility is that it's supertasty food, but just not for me. I don't like bell peppers much and vaguely remember everything from EA coming with piles of giant pepper chunks.

          1. re: maillard

            I have posted this many many times (so i apologize if folks are going, "oh, her again and her praise for East Asia..") but I believe without a doubt it has the best takeout kung pao chicken in all of Boston. Chock full o' vegetables (yes, definitely some bell peppers, including red peppers which I love), fresh strips of velvety white meat, a delicious sweet and spicy sauce sprinkled liberally with peanuts. It's certainly not kung pao in the traditional sense, but I absolutely love it. Plus it's a major bargain -- I can usually get 3-4 meals out of it. I have also gotten the garlic chicken there which is quite similar (but without the peanuts) and it's also excellent. The only misstep I've ever experienced was a veggie lo mein that was somewhat flavorless and had very few veggies. So yeah, maybe you need to know what to order. I like the Kung Pao chicken so much, and make it over that way so rarely, that I never try anything else...i'm sure others can pipe in tho'....

            1. re: twentyoystahs

              I thought the kung pao was excellent there, too. But the steamed Thai vegetable dumplings is probably my favorite dish there. Plus the ginger-soy sauce that comes with them is really, really tasty.

              1. re: hiddenboston

                i have also had those steamed thai veggie dumplings and yes, they were good. i tend not to get them often as i am almost always getting takeout and i don't think they travel so well....

            2. re: maillard

              I like the fried rice at East Asia. It's a white rice not dark like most place make it. It has fresh diced carrots, peas, onion and scrambled egg pieces. Their shrimp with lobster sauce was really good. If you like lobster sauce you will like the way the make it at East Asia. I had the Thai meat dumplings and liked them. If you like beef mushroom chow yoke, you will must order it at East Asia. It's made with fresh mushrooms and tender beef. The crab rangoons are also very good.

              1. re: buffet king

                Okay, I think I did try the Kung Pao chicken when I went, so I guess it's just not my thing (the chicken part was really nice). However, I very much love fried rice. It's my #1 comfort food. I will definitely give East Asia another shot next time I'm in need of some tasty rice action.

            3. re: buffet king

              Take-out from East Asia last night - impression mirrors the other remarks in this thread -

              Thai vegetarian dumplings - very cabbagey, dipping sauce VERY salty, but decent flavor with just a quick dip.

              Singapore rice noodles - more curry than my favorite at Qing Dao but not as flavorful somehow - pork was snips of red spare rib type meat with a little gristle, but bigger serving than Qing Dao and more stuff in the noodles. Still give the nod to Qing Dao's which has an addictive quality for some reason.

              Also got some sort of boneless duck dish, which was actually quite good - sliced duck breast, very well done, but still tender - lots of interesting vegetables and some chopped hot peppers gave it a little zip. With a side of brown rice. (Asked for white, but they insisted, "Brown rice ok?" "No, white" "Ok, brown rice ok?" Yeah, sure! lol)

          2. I'd suggest Wang's (on Broadway just a bit south of Ball Square) - they are my new go-to for Chinese takeout. My favorites are the smoked bean curd with shredded pork and the pork/leek dumplings. YUM!

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            1. re: heathermb

              I just stocked up on frozen dumplings from Wang's the other day. Yum! The pork/string bean are my favorites. Though the pork always looks very pink even when cooked, which always weirds me out a bit.

              1. re: maillard

                I've eaten Wang's a number of times and all I'll get anymore are the dumplings, which are awesome. But, unfortunately, all the other entries and soups I've gotten were pretty icky.

            2. I'd say stick with your leanings and go to Shangri-la. Order like crazy :)

              1. You can do worse than Shangri-La. Szechuan Bay is good, but if you want it really lethal, you have to make that abundantly clear; the chef is apparently afraid of scaring away business by doing it the real way.

                Kung pao chicken is a dish I even avoided in China, as I never found any that I was thrilled with. Until Tuesday night, when I went on a takeout run to Sichuan Garden in Brookline Village. The owner's wife suggested that I try the country style kung pao chicken (this is on the Chinese menu not the regular menu). Whole world of difference with regard to flavor -- not blisteringly hot, but a very interesting mix of sweet, salty, vinegary tang and spice. Never had anything like it before, and suspect I'd have to go a long way to find its match anywhere else.

                But assuming you're not up for a schlep to Brookline Village, I'd say you're fine with Shangri-La, Szechuan Bay or Qingdao Garden in North Cambridge.

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                1. re: Dr.Jimbob

                  SG's shrimp equivalent (also on the Chinese menu) is equally worthy.