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Apr 12, 2007 06:18 AM

In Crystal City this weekend, where to eat?

I'm going to be in Crystal City this weekend to check out Artomatic and I am clueless about where I should grab lunch at. Any recommendations for something ethnic or can't miss?


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  1. Well I'm getting more reports about Bebbo's service getting better so if you want to risk it, that could be worth a shot. If you have a car I'd go over to Old Town and sit at Restaurant Eve if you can afford it, otherwise go over to Del Merei and go to Del Merei Grill. And have the frickles- they rule.

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      According to their website, Restaurant Eve is not open for lunch on the weekend.

    2. I think you should metro to Cleveland Park and go to Dino's.

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      1. re: Jeserf

        Nice stealing my thunder- but Dino doesn't do lunch :P

        1. re: jpschust

          ah, well, one less meal to leave me disappointed yet thirsty with then

            1. re: jpschust

              which i've only been to once, and have only recommended a few times. Though, it wasn't greasy and too salty and the service didn't act like they were waiting for me to leave to they could inspect the level of i guess that's one point to them.

              1. re: Jeserf

                I've been to Zaytinya before and found it to be overrated as well, Jeserf.
                Thank you for the recommendations on Dino and Zaytinya, but I'm more or less looking for something in the Crystal City area as I live in the District and hardly ever get out to VA unless it's to eat somewhere in Annadale.

                Kabob Palace sounds good. Do I need a car to get there? Artomatic's Web site says that they are only a couple of blocks away from Crystal City's metro stop, so I am not planning on taking my car.

                1. re: botnot

                  I have been working in Crystal City for about 7 months and I would recommend Jaleo or Bebo for a nice sit-down lunch. Both are part of the Crystal City underground off of Crystal Drive.
                  If looking for somewhere cheaper - There are several restaurants on 23rd Street - my favorite is Urban Thai and the Kabob Palace (near the 7-11).
                  If you want something by the metro there is a very decent Mexican Restaurant near the food court and a King Street Blues.

                  1. re: MLP

                    The only problem with Bebo is that the service and food are a crapshoot. Sometimes we are seeing amazing reviews, often we are seeing poor reviews.

                  2. re: botnot

                    I'm sorry - it was kind of a joke.
                    jp always recommends Dino, and I dislike it. I posted about having a fantastic birthday meal (food and experience) and Zaytinya, which he dislikes.

                    sorry for the mix-up.

                    1. re: botnot

                      Crystal City Metro is at 18th Street. Kabob Palace is at 23rd Street, west side of Route 1, about a 10 minute walk. No need for a car. I've walked there from the Pentagon City Metro.

                      1. re: monkeyrotica

                        Thank you for the recommendation, monkey! It was the best thing about Crystal City. Man, the lamb was so moist and I never had chickpeas over rice before and that was good. If I ever do go back to Crystal City, I'll make sure to go back to Kabob Palace. I wonder if the vegetarian entrees are any good. Maybe next time...

                        1. re: botnot

                          Is Kabob Palace's food really spicy? My husband and I so wanted to like Ravi Kabob but found it too spicy for our tastes. Kabob Palace sounds like a great place to try but I need to know about the level of spiciness before we try it. Thanks!

                          1. re: cabster

                            I didn't find it to be spicy, then again I am a big fan of spicy food. My friend that came with me does not have as high of tolerance for spicy food as I do and found it to be a little bit spicy, but also thought that the mint/yogurt sauce that comes with your meal helped to keep the edge off. We also both agreed that the chicken was not spicy at all. But still try the kebeh though!

          1. Kabob Palace. Dirt cheap and they give you a ton of food. Lamb dishes are solid and the food is fresh. They get a lot of cabbie traffic from National Airport. Open 24 hours too.


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