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Apr 12, 2007 05:35 AM

portugese chicken in the east end?

anyone know of a good place to get that yummy portugese bbq chicken in the east end of t.o.? i pick it up once in a while for my kids but i hate having to drive across town.....

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  1. There's a great place called St. Matthew's that makes great churrasco. It's on Rogers Rd., near Keele. That's more Central but...

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    1. re: magic

      Rogers & Keele? I don't think that's 'East' by anyone's standards. It's practically Etobicoke...

    2. How east are we talkin? There's a thread about Portugril in Scarborough, Birchmount/Danforth.

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      1. re: Little T

        just peeked at that thread.......thnks little t
        birchmount/dan is close enough. i'm actually in the beach though

        1. re: rayrayray

          Egg & Mt Pleasant Churrasco Villa (254 Eglinton East)
          great chicken and ribs