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Apr 12, 2007 04:27 AM

You have $5 in San Diego

Dear Chowhounders,

You folks all seem to have disposable income, so I call on you in this thread to aid wannabe frugal college students like me. If you had $5,$7, or, hell, even sub-10, where are some fun or tasty places to go?

I'll start:

El Zarape $1 fish tacos!
The 2 Somali places/3 Ethiopian places
Bronx Pizza if cost of pie is split among a few ppl
Everybody loves Super Cocina

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  1. Pho and other Vietnamese soups. Try Pho Ca Dao at around 52nd and El Cajon Blvd. for one example. Fast, good, & cheap.


    1. Ciro's Pizza in the Gaslamp - 2 slices and soda for $6
      Lefty's Pizza - good Chicago dogs and lunch special like Ciro's
      Pho T Cali - Vietnamese with numerous inexpensive options
      Bread and Cie - Great sandwiches
      Blue Water Grill - also great sandwiches
      Phil's BBQ - BBQ Broham sandwich, huge and only $6

      1. Yeah the tacos de guisados are the way to go at super cocina for really cheap...1.30 each!

        1. Lunch combos at the food bars at Lucky Seafood (southeast Asian) or 99 Ranch (Chinese). Vietnamese would be another obvious choice, but $5 will get you more at the to-go bars (no tip, either).
          If I'm further south, matzo ball soup at D.Z. Akins ($4.95).

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            Sam Woo Restaurant in Ranch 99 has great AUTHENTIC Chinese food cheap. Yes, it is greasy but it is so tasty and cheap to boot.

          2. Pho takeout from Saigon. You call ahead and order and when you arrive, you're handed 2 full bags of stuff -- a quart of broth, a container with ample portions of meat and noodles, a big foil package which holds a ton of basil, sprouts, peppers, etc.

            All this for a mere $4.50.

            When you take it home an assemble it yourself, it's as if you cooked at home - only it would've cost you a ton more in time, gas and effort to really have done it yourself. My husband and I often do this for a meal - and we both feel plenty fed from just one.

            Wish I would've known about this in college!