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Apr 12, 2007 02:23 AM

Portuguese Chicken Peri-peri Sauce?

Anyone know where to get this garlicky, spicy, Portuguese chicken? If you are familiar with the Nando's chain in England this is the kind of thing I am looking for. If the sauce is that good at a chain and out of the bottle at the supermarket(I found the Nando's sauce at whole foods), I am prepared to be blown away... Thanks

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  1. Portuguese Chicken with peri-peri sauce?

    In Laguna Beach (they also sell PP sauce on line):

    In Long Beach & Van Nuys:

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      Yeah the chicken and sauce also have their roots in Africa. Any African restaurants that are good?

      1. re: Carnivore

        Alexis Greek (& some Portuguese) - Northridge (4th from bottom under House Specialties):

        ..."Any African restaurants that are good?"

        I'm no expert, but I would divide the continent into 3 (*) culinary divisions: Northern = Eqyptian to Moroccan (Mediterranean); Central (Ethopian to Nigerian and further on out and up the Atlantic coast), & Southern. What's your preference besides peri-peri sauce (Southern)?

        (*) Yes you could keep on dividing it further (& further & ........).

      2. re: JBC

        I have enjoyed the chicken with peri-peri sauce at Springbok. The sides were also nicely spiced (it's not often that you get a green salad PLUS a cabbage dish).

      3. you found the Nando's sauce at a WF here in LA???? LOVE NANDO'S!!!

        1. Not that this helps right now, but they have Nando's in Vancouver, BC if you're ever up there.