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Apr 12, 2007 02:22 AM

Portuguese Chicken Peri-peri sauce?

Anyone know where to get this garlicky, spicy, Portuguese chicken? If you are familiar with the Nando's chain in England this is the kind of thing I am looking for. If the sauce is that good at a chain and out of the bottle at the supermarket(I found the Nando's sauce at whole foods), I am prepared to be blown away... Thanks

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  1. Vancouver, BC is a bit closer than England, and I went to a Nando's there (it was at the Metrotown Mall in Burnaby).

    Have you tried the Macau-style restaurants (T28 on Taraval & 28th and the one by the Richmond 99 Ranch, if it's still there)?

    You can also find the bottled sauce at Cost Plus World Market (most likely cheaper that at WF). I got a free bottle from the distributor at the Fancy Food show by singing the praises of the Nando's Chicken chain!

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    1. re: Gary Soup

      The Portuguese chicken served at Macau- or Hong Kong-style coffee shops locally is nothing like Nando's grilled chicken.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        I haven't been to any of the local Macau-style restaurants, but in Macau I had a dish similar to Nando's (I think it was actually called African Chicken); grilled, not baked and quite fiery.

        I'll agree it would be peculiar to find it in a Hong Kong-style cafe, where the idea of spiciness seems to be Madras curry or black pepper.

        1. re: Gary Soup

          It is a dish that I've read had its roots in both Africa and Portugual.

          And them Portuguese were quite the travelers, so who knows where in the world the sailors were exchanging recipes with their dates in other countries.

          Anyway, as far as the three local Portuguese restaurants, LaSalette, Grubstake and Sousa's ... I've never seen it. Grubstake says they will make any Portuguese recipe given some notice. If I'd request it anywhere it would be at LaSalette

          Ohh ... digression, digression ... La Salette is now making malasadas. They are also making pizza in that wood-fired oven ... with liquica and topo cheese on top.
          Also, they are serving Sunday Brunch and have new menu items. Gotta get up there.

          Hmm ... SARDINE PATE, house-made with onion, garlic and Piri-Piri

          As much as I don't like duck, this sounds interesting ... MUSSELS and CLAMS, sautéed in duck butter with linguica, curry, white wine and garlic

          They also have tripe ... TRIPE, Porto style with white beans, presunto and tomatoes

          Back to piri piri chicken. I like Grubstake, but I think Portuguese food-wise they are in the middle of the group of three.

          I don't know much about African restaurants, but maybe someone has seen this on one of those menus.

          If worse comes to worse, you could make your own. Here's a recipe from the UK. For more info you can ask for recipes on the Home Cooking Board.