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Apr 12, 2007 12:13 AM

Auntie Em's Fresh Market Dinner.........

is April 19th. I like the menu and it's only 28$ per adult. Has anyone every been to their evening dinners? Sounds like fun to me.
I have attached the menu for the evening!

:)KQ oops sorry, looks like it attached but, the print is too small. give them a call. First seating is 6:30P, second is 8:30P

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  1. I've always wanted to go to this too. I won't be able to make the 19th. :( If you go, definatly report back! I'm sure it's great, they're nice people and always do a solid job.

    1. I think I've been to almost all of them. Food is always amazing....and the place just has such a nice, neighborhood vibe. Plus, it's an amazing bargain. Just remember to bring your own wine--Colorado Wine Company usually suggest pairings. It's a great place with very good, reasonably priced wines in the neighborhood.
      Enjoy! And be sure to make your reservations now.....because it tends to fill up quickly.

      1. Thanks for the tip! We just made reservations. The menu looks great and I love that they have no corkage! Will report back.

        1. I've been checking the site at least once a week for the updated date and menu!

          Of course it has to be on the night I take the red-eye out of LAX...oh, well.

          Enjoy and post lots!