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Apr 12, 2007 12:04 AM


I was really shocked at quality of food and service at Simon LA this evening...

bread dish - great
apps (tuna tartar something or other, beet salad)- great
mains (short ribs, even the filet mignon) - great
sides (mac and cheese, truffle potatoes, potato pancakes)- good/great
their special desert plate -great
service- great

= really great

if you haven't gone you are missing out me

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  1. Wow, I was completely underwhelmed by the food when I went. They do have shockingly good service for how trendy of a place it is. But food-wise, I'd rate it just average, maybe even below average. Salad was average. Filet mignon was just okay - can get equal or better elsewhere for what they charge. Duck was swimming in a bowl of sauce. The margherita pizza was the only thing worthwhile to me.

    Maybe next time I should try some of the appetizers and sides instead. But I just don't think I'll be going back...

    1. We had a Bday dinner (table of 8) there a few months ago and the food was true to its aim; familiar, semi-dressed up and prepared well. I don't remember all of our plates, but the tuna dynamite, crabcake, fries, mac ' cheese, shortribs, tandoori salmon and chicken were all very tasty. Service was good as well.
      The best thing about Simon is FREE CORKAGE.