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Apr 12, 2007 12:03 AM

Sahag's Basturma

Is there any better, I just love this place.

Los Angeles, CA 90027-5715

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  1. What do they serve - what makes them so great - what do you recommend? (Inquiring minds [and growling stomachs!] want to know!)

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    1. re: ElsieDee

      Basturma, it is seasoned/spiced dried beef, cut very thin.

      1. re: Burger Boy


        Did you patronize the shop as little as three years ago when it was still being run by the original owner, Isaac? Personally, I haven't enjoyed the basturma nearly as much at the hands of the new owner. So, too, the kibbeh (beef tartate). These days, I tend to purchase the soujuk (Armenian sausage) and the stuffed grape leaves, neither of which appear to have suffered in transition.


        1. re: Erik M

          Yes I did, i do not see a big differnece in the basturma and sujook. The grape leaves are always mushy and I have never had the kibbeh. A Russian/Armenian lady sent me to a place in North Hollywood for the best basturma, I ordered a pound, lean, they showed me the piece, I approved it. When I got to the car I opened the paper wrapper to taste and saw fatty, THICK, basturma, WTF. I do not know what they where thinking, never had THICK basturma in my life, never had to ask for sliced thin, went back inside, asked about the fatty meat, got attitude, said I want my money back or some LEAN THIN BASTURMA. They said a few choice things in Armenain, not knowing I understand a little, I told them I understand them, in Armenain, they gave me my money, I walked out. Drove to Sahags, asked for lean, did not have to tell him to slice it thin. Sahags reminds me of the old school armenian, Bezjians Grocery at Santa Monica near Vermont, great service, great food and they remembered you, my family went there for 40 years or more. There is another place I want everyone to go support, Partamians Bakery, "BEST LAHMAJOON" in the city or valley. Been there for 50 or more years. Thsi place is old school, not as busy as it once was, the owner just passed and the daughter is running it. but the BEST. Places like this are a gem, a treat, special! Sarnos Bakery was like that for the cannoli and all the stuff they made! Partamians has lahmajoon, beoreg, monti and straight string cheese, none of this twisted stuff and I like the flavor better. Suppoprt it, try it and if you do not thing it is the best of all the lahmajoon around, please, let. me know.

          5183 W SUNSET BLVD
          Los Angeles, CA 90027-5715

          Partamian Armenian Bakery
          5410 W Adams Blvd. (at Burnside), Los Angeles

          Here is a great Armenian site with useful food info & recipes.

          1. re: Burger Boy

            Sahag's Basturma has always been my favorite. Evrything in there is so authentic. Although I've been going there for years, The new owners have really gotten the place rolling better than before. Same great basturma, soujouk, and sandwiches except much cleaner and revamped. And guess what? they never ask for the change, so you don't have to break your dollar and fill up your pocket with change. Now that's old school.

            1. re: lovetoeatinLA

              i went a few weeks back, and the basturma was not pungent tasty, galrickly goodness, it was far from force of nature. what went wrong. it tasted like a very very very mild cold cut. the pickles and olives were more assertive actually.

              1. re: kevin

                Good news for sujuk lovers: the original Sahag is apparently healthy again and plans to open a Pasadena shop in February called House of Basturma. I for one can't wait.

    2. sahag's isn't along my usual route of chowing but i totally love it. wish i could have tried it before the owner change though. basturma is a wonderment that deserves more love in the world!

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      1. re: rameniac

        Basturma & string cheese on peda bread (not pita) that is good eats ! Sorry Alton B.

        1. re: Burger Boy

          basturma is actually the source inspiration for pastrami too.

          1. re: kevin

            I just do not see that, they are so different, other than seasoned meats, how do they compare?

      2. Garo's Basturma in Pasadena is as fresh as they get and pretty damn good. On Allen, east side of street, just north of Marshall High School. They make their own (you see the slabs of basturma hanging in the adjacent shop just to the north. I haven't tried Sahag's but I know short of authentic Fresno basturma, it's as good as it gets in or around LA.

        Be careful and not eat too much. Anything more than 4-5 slices, you'll be smelling it for the next 3-4 days coming out of every single pour in your body. The garlic is no joke!

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        1. re: Joe

          To be more specific, Ohanesian Basturma, which is produced in Fresno and sold to many local LA mom and pop stores. Ask for it and you'll never have anything else. Hands down, the best Basturma around.

        2. The original comment has been removed