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Apr 11, 2007 10:30 PM

cheap duck fat?!?

Where can I buy cheap duck fat? - can't render it at home because don't have an oven, just a hotplate.

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  1. Define "cheap"! The least expensive place I've found is Nicole's in South Pasadena - I paid $14 for a one-pound container, about a liter size, which was almost exactly half of Monsieur Marcel's price (and the same brand, too!). As for rendering, stovetop (or hotplate) works just fine. All you need is a reasonably heavyweight pan, and start cooking your chopped-up raw duck fat in some water at a gentle simmer until the water's all evaporated (no more sizzling) and the fat is clear, then you strain it.

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    1. re: Will Owen

      Whole Foods carries it in the cheese/pate display area.

      1. re: Will Owen

        thanks, I guess rendering was the wrong word- what I meant is that without an oven I can't take a whole duck and cook it and collect the fat underneath.

        1. re: Iateitup

          Roasting is not how you want to get duck fat to use anyway - it'll be overcooked. Stovetop rendering over low heat melts it without burning it.

          Nice to hear about Whole Foods. Prices?

          1. re: Will Owen

            Pardon my being a cooking novice, but are you saying you chuck the whole bird into a frying pan at low heat?

            1. re: Iateitup

              Please see my first reply above. First time I made confit I had three duck legs, and though I'd bought that pound of rendered fat I also removed the fat from the legs and rendered it as above. It yielded maybe a quarter or third of a cup.

            2. re: Will Owen

              I believe it was $5.50 for a little 7 oz. carton but don't hold me to it. I'll be there again tomorrow and I'll check.
              Keep it in the freezer and watch the sellby date as it is a slow mover. Great for fried 'taters!

        2. Here's a tip- If you have a good relationship with a small food business owner, they might be willing to help you. Keep in mind- you should have an existing relationship before you bust in and ask them to start carrying duck fat (or other items not usually carried) for you.

          That said, I used to get rendered duck fat for my customers- a 16 oz container ran about $13 retail, a smoking deal. I did NOT carry duck fat on a regular basis- this was a special order thing. But, since I had to buy by the case, I would have to get a list of people together before ordering. I think it's probably available to retailers just about everywhere, they choose not to carry it because of storage, etc. Don't insist the business get it for you, help them by putting some guaranteed buyers in place, and I'll bet you can get a better deal that WF.