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Apr 11, 2007 10:30 PM

Websites for Young Foodies

I am looking for a website for a sophisticated young foodie friend of mine. She is almost 12 going on forty. I came across chowhound, but thought it might not be fun for her. Does anyone know of a food website for teens?

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    These kids just won a James Beard and are all over the meda.

    1. This is probably going to make me sound really old, but what on earth is a 12-year-old foodie? Does it mean she cooks gourmet dishes? Does it mean she eats at a lot of fancy restaurants? Or maybe she eats adventurously? What would a foodie site for teens have on it?

      I'm genuinely curious -- when I was 12 I pretty much subsisted on french fries and yogurt. Thankfully, my tastes have changed :)

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        I think if you look at the Spatulatta site or Young Gourmet below, it shows kids who are INTERESTED in cooking - the process, creating recipes, learning about how to cook.

        I was very interested in baking at 12 years old - in fact, I took over the pie baking for holidays when I was 14. Yes, that was many moons ago :-) but it was also in the period of time when "time-saving" processed foods were becoming popular - but much less so in my house. So these kids have been lucky in that they were introduced to eating/making good food early to prompt their interest.

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          Well- the youngest foodie ( my neice)I know is just over three years old! IT is really funny. She will try just about anything and likes most things. When having pasta, she asks for the cheese grater, and allows me to help her grate the cheese. ALways helps making pizza, and puts the cheese on like a pro. Is the resident little salad maker. The funniest thing is she wants her hot food to be served hot. If it is not hot enough, she politely asks for it to be heated up. She does like things that all other kids like- she told me last week that she was " the french fry queen". My SIL loves to cook, and has allowed both of her kids to help since they were really little. CAn't wait to see what happens when they are older. A an aside- both her and her brother ( 5 yo) LOVE to help clean up- something my SIL is sure will not last too long.

          1. re: macca

            That's so cute. I wish I'd had this kind of experience as a kid. I never learned to cook until I was well into my 20s -- my family was very much into convenience foods and microwaving. I think I've gotten pretty good at it by now, but I bet starting at such a young age breeds a lot of confidence in the kitchen.

            1. re: oolah

              You are probably right. I am from a large family, so my mom cooked plain, fresh meals. My grandmother lived with us, and loved to cook, so I learned from her. I think my neice has the love of good food and cooking from both sides.