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Apr 11, 2007 09:34 PM

Favorite Healthy Meals in Manhattan

I'm a foodie looking to shed those extra winter lbs without sacrifising good food. please help!

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  1. Hangawi-korean restaurant thats nicely decorated and reasonable. It's vegetarian, but very satisfying.

    1. Do you like sushi? If so, there are some great options.
      Chop't makes a good "create your own" salad.

      1. Greek restaurants really know their way around fish and seafood. We love the grilled whole fish at Ethos. After you make your selection from the pristing display on ice, the kitchen cooks it perfectly, and your server filets it tableside. All that is needed is a little squirt of lemon. Priced by the pound. While there are some small fish, most can easily serve two. Start with some tasty mezzes or a salad but skip the on-the-house dessert sweet.

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            Hey, joe, The whole fish are accompanied by generous portions of roasted lemon potatoes and stewed green beans. You may need to exercise some willpower because those spuds, in particular, are seriously delicious. And the green beans are not too shabby either.

        1. Josie's Restaurant offers a menu full of healthy options. With a variety of salads and stir fry dishes, you won't feel like you're sacrificing flavor to shed those few pounds.