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Apr 11, 2007 08:31 PM

Best Burmese restaurant in the area, hands down

Having spent some time in Burma as a child, I have been looking for really good Burmese food in the area for a quite while. I have tried all of the existing Burmese restaurants in the area with an open mind, but have usually come away with the feeling that something was missing or not quite right.
No more. Tonight I found a treasure of a restaurant. The food was exceptionally varied and spot on with freshness, crispiness and spice The decor was tastefully well executed with the right splash of cultural Burmese artifacts highlighted by vibrant but not garish color. The service was prompt but not hovering. The serving pieces and glassware were tasteful but not overly trendy. It all seemed very well thought out, but not overly conscious. Can you tell I was impressed? The major drawback is this restaurant's location. It is in Sterling and not easy to find, even if you know the area. But don't give up, the search is worth it!

The restaurant is called A Taste of Burma, at 126 Edds Lane, Sterling, VA (703) 444-8510

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  1. Wow, this place is that much better than Myanmar?

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      I've enjoyed the few times I've been to Myanmar as well. Looking forward to trying A Taste of Burma!

      LQTinva - what did you order that impressed you? Did you try their Green Tea or Ginger salad?

    2. Since you are new to Chowhound, can I please point out that a generic rave review is nice, but doesn't help anyone in ordering. What in particular do you recommend? ince you have probably been to Myanmar, what about the food there didn't you like?

      1. I recently went to A Taste of Burma. While we didn't eat in the restaurant, the service was great. The owners' son is the waiter and is very accommodating. I had been wanting to check it out for months now, because the appetizers sounded interesting. I lived in South Africa and had been looking for samosas similar to the ones I had eaten there. Indian samosas never seem to be what I was looking for. A Taste of Burma got them right on!!! Thin, crisp paper triangles filled with potato, peas, and just the right amount of curry. (Thinking about picking it up tonight, actually) I ordered the appetizer sampler - but was not really impressed with the other items. The split pea fritters and tempura veggies/shrimp were not very flavorful. Next time I will just stick to the samosas. For entrees, the mongolian beef was tasty. My husband loves PF Chang's Mongolian Beef, which it is NOT like, but he really liked this version. The beef was crisp, yet still tender and chewy. The carry out container looked small, but held two big plates worth. I ordered the Chicken w/ Potatoes Curry and requested it 'spicy.' VERY good! Big chunks of potatoes and chicken in a thick sauce.

        1. We explored Taste of Burma last spring after reading this post. I was disappointed. The interior is beautiful, but we thought the menu appeared to have been considerably sanitized to stick to items that are likely to appeal to Westerners. We will go back some time, as it isn't terribly far, but I much preferred Myanmar.

          1. I tried Taste of Burma with my family this weekend and was very impressed. The postings here on Chow were fairly accurate. It is a fusion of Chinese Thai and Indian. With wonderful flavors and a welcomed break from the other types of asian food. We ordered a little bit of everything and were not dissapointed
            We will return here very soon, and to those who comment on Myanmar vs. Taste of Burma we talked to the owner as we were leaving and he said I enjoy the competition...especially because the owner of Myanmar is my sister...Who knew???

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            1. re: foodiecritics

              Is there anything you especially liked? Anything you disliked? Can you tell us anything at all about the menu aside from generalities?

              1. re: Steve

                the pork with mango is awesome, so is the pork with eggplant. The sweet basil chicken and beef with sweet basil are nice and spicy. The only thing I've had there that I didn't like were the coconut noodles, they were pretty bland and boring.