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Apr 11, 2007 07:58 PM

French Toast

I have been searching through so many breakfast menus on NYC restaurant websites that I can't remember where I saw "Gingerbread French Toast." offered. Can anyone help me? Thanks

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  1. The uptown kitchenette (123rd st) has them on the brunch menu only. I also feel like ive seen them somewhere else as a special

    1. Here's something to remember: Every holiday Starbucks offers Gingerbread Latte. In Los Angeles, Starbucks sells their Gingerbread Syrup. Check with the ones in NYC and buy yourself a bottle. You can make your own Gingerbread french toast - It's very yummy!

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      1. re: Kitchen Queen

        in nyc you need to find the right stabucks-normally they don't sell them unless you are really persuasive(its become a bit of a game for us). Dean&Deluca do carry some gingerbread flavor stuff around xmas though

        1. re: scanditrash

          i may just keel over and die if i taste this. it sounds amazing!!!! i recently posted a thread on french toast but this is a totally new concept for me! YUM!!!

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            What about a Smart and Final or Cost Plus. We also have here, in L.A, TJ Maxx and Marshalls. All sell bottle syrups. And, any will do. Almond, coconut, wtc. then add slivered almonds at the end or sprinkle with a little coconut, etc....All sounds very yummy!!! Still would be great topping w/ berries and creme fraiche too eh? OK. who's house are we going????

            1. re: Kitchen Queen

              personally, i only put the syrup stuff in my coffee-for real gingerbread french toast or any other gingerbread food you have to make the gingerbread batter from scratch using the right spices...

            2. re: scanditrash

              Indeed! The manager at the one one Park Ave and 27th? was super nice to me and let me buy a bottle. They had to ring it up as "Misc" on the register.

              Also: the syrup has an expiration day of early spring, so it doesn't "last" very long.