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Flat leaf parsley.....where have you been?!

My friend and I were discussing recent trips to the grocery store and began speaking about basil...and then of course to another wonderful herb, Parsley.
turns out, neither of us has been able to find plat leaf parley for some time now; myself, about 3-4 weeks in Cambridge, MA and for him, about 1-2 weeks in downtown Boston...

Has anyone else encountered the lack of flat and abundance of curly parley?!?!

curly really just isnt the same :(

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  1. I've been having trouble too! Actually, the last time I was at the grocery store, they only had basil and tarragon! Very strange! I haven't gotten around to buying my herbs for growing yet this year either.

    1. I have the same problem here, which is why I grow my own.
      The other thing that drives me crazy is when they put the flat leaf parsley right next to the cilantro. They both look exactly the same to me, so I'm forced to pick up bunches and sniff them, like some sort of herb-crazed junkie.

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        That's also where my local markets usually hide the flat leaf parsley too, QB...I honestly don't think the kids that stock the stuff have a clue. I sniff away, unashamed. :-)

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          Haha! I just did that last week and felt like a total dork. But I did it anyway. I have no problem getting either kind, but I live in an area with lots of Italians, so perhaps there is more demand for it.

        2. none here in Toronto, either. Weird, eh?

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            I live in Valencia Ca. and couldn't find any that hadn't gone to seed!

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              DH bought a large bunch of (flat leaf) Italian parsley this past Wednesday at Pace's in Saugus MA. Seems we always find it there or at Wild Oats. It's a weekly must-have in our pantry.

              {Sorry! I meant to reply to the OP. I'll never learn.}

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              Orangewasabi - I've been getting mine at Danforth Village Fruit & Veg Market on the Danforth between Woodbine & Main (beside the Sobeys). Doesn't seem to be a supply problem there. I buy a ton of different fresh herbs every week and they're SUPER cheap.

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                none really?

                i dropped into a loblaws a couple days ago and there it sat beside my cilantro.

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                  that'll teach me. Just this weekend, I was talking to my husband about how long it had been since I had been in a Loblaws. With Rabba, Dominions, Sobeys and Pusateris near my home; Dominions, SLM and Fortinos near work going all the way down to Queens Quay for Loblaws just doesn't happen anymore.

              2. I live just outside Boston and see it regularly in the Market Basket closest to us (Westford).

                1. My market (in Minnesota) only had organic flat leaf parsley, no conventional. Plenty of curly.

                  1. I tried to buy some today from a wholesaler and they were out too. At least they had curly, for felalfels it shouldn't matter much. I thought it odd too, can't remember ever not being able to get it.

                    1. While I haven't looked for it in a month or so, I've never had a problem in the past finding flat leaf parsley at Russo's in Watertown.

                      1. i live in east boston and have had no trouble finding it. and i use it alot.

                        1. I'm guessing it probably has something to do with the freeze in California earlier this year. Both winter and spring vegetable crops were affected in addition to citrus, avocado and artichokes.


                          1. Thats weird, theres oodles of the stuff here in my grocery store in Queens, NY - but alas, not a leaf of basil to be found there.

                            1. I went to a local grocery here in No. VA and found it. It was, of course next to the cilantro as described by QueenB! Fortunately it was clearly labeled for a change.

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                                I actually found none on Saturday at the fabled Italian grocery Milano (rue Saint-Laurent, just southwest of Jean-Talon market). I suppose I might have found flat-leaved in the Market, but couldn't be bothered and bought the curly, though it is much less flavourful.

                                I try to eat a lot of fresh parsley as it is a good source of Vitamin C and other good things.

                              2. Mollyditty: I think there was a run on parsley because of passover, and that plus wierd growing conditions in california... well. I've been finiding it consistenty at Wilson's Farms in Lexington, as well as at the Porter Sq Shaws, and the Super 88 near Malden. Maybe those leads will help? Good luck!

                                Once you do get a bunch, a good way to make it last seemingly-forever is to give it a wash, spin it dry (if you have a salad spinner), and then lay it out all facing the same direction (leaf up, stem down) on a long sheet of paper towels. Roll the bunch up in the paper towels, and stick the whole thing in a large ziplock, and it will stay fresh and green for a good long time.

                                1. For the past several years, I've had a pot of curly and a pot of flat Italian parsley growing on a windowsill. Really easy to grow and fun to experiment with their different flavors in different dishes.

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                                    I have seen it at the Super Stop and Shop in Quincy, the Milton Market and South Bay 88. Also at Kam Man, I think.

                                  2. Flat Leaf Parsley is limited in supply because it's that time of year where herbs start to flower. The result is not usable/sellable product, not much leaf, lots of stalky blossoms. The Flowering period for herbs is vey short, should end by the first week of May.

                                    Prices are outrageous as a result.

                                    *veggietales :-)