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Apr 11, 2007 07:38 PM

kimos restaurant-jericho tpk

has anyone been there yet. i found this place about a month ago and thought it was wonderful. asian/fusion.-i just crave it. looking for other opinions

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  1. Went there last week and the food was a hit with everyone. Bulgogi, kalbi, and a short-rib stew were all delicious. I ordered a cornish hen casserole which was very tasty, but notoriously difficult to eat. The panchan were good, but not very adventurous, and the portions were tiny. They were refilled when requested, but 2 leaves of kimchi do not go far with our group. The service was very attentive, but not so efficient. We were 3 adults and 2 kids, and told them we would be sharing, but the waitstaff had a problem with bringing extra dishes. We must have requested them at least 3 times. It got quite annoying after a while, so I just went up to the service area and took a few plates. Nobody even noticed. I understand one is bound to encounter problems the first few weeks, and am willing to let it pass because the food was so good. I certainly hope it improves, though.

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      thanks for your reply. i agree with the service, but i love the food. do they have their liquor lic yet?

    2. Jericho is a long street - what town is this in???

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        i think it might be considered e. northport. it's east of the tiger schulman shopping center on the same side of the street