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Apr 11, 2007 07:34 PM

Best SANTA MONICA cafes or coffee shops to chill?

I need to find a cafe or coffee shop (NOT STARBUCKS) where I can relax for a few hours, read, study, chill, etc.

Good coffee/pastries/sandwiches a plus! Relaxing environment.

Any place near Colorado Ave & 26th? I'm willing to walk a bit if necessary.

Thanks, Hounds!

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  1. There are art galleries and a café at Bergamot Station (approx .25 mile from 26th/Colorado)

    Took the liberty of searching for coffee on MQ
    UnUrban is non-SB coffee that I've been to that is chill and has food is about one-mile-ish from 26th /Colorado

    3301 Pico Blvd.

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    1. There is a small, cute coffee shop on Broadway somewhere between 16th and 20th. Also on Ocean park between 16th and 17th is the talking stick... another coffeshop on ocean park is on the corner of 18th.

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        The 18th Street Cafe on Broadway is a good suggestion.

        Believe it or not, the patio at the Coffee Bean on Wilshire near 10th (I think) is a great place to chill. They have a fireplace and everything.

      2. Not too close to Colorado & 26th, but it IS Santa Monica :)

        Panera Bread on Wilshire & 5th
        fantastic soups and sandwiches
        And they have 100% absolutely completely FREE wireless internet access

        1. In grad school I used to study at Literati Cafe on Wilshire (& Bundy - next to Ralphs) - really good sandwiches, soups, lattes and cappucinos! Tasty desserts too.

          Parking can be difficult since they expanded, I think it's $2 to valet now. Not in SM, but worth the trip!

          1. The Santa Monica main library is a very short blue bus ride away (the #1 is really frequent).
            The library is pretty great and if you don't care for the in library cafe, you can always walk across the street to the smoothie cafe that has great wraps, or any number of other little spots in the area. Free reliable wireless (ethernet and plugs as well) and private study rooms too. 7th and Santa Monica.