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Apr 11, 2007 07:25 PM

Help! Need dinner suggestion.

Need a nice dinner choice for saturday night-Taking friend out for bday. I know this is late, so I also need a place that I can still get a reservation/table. Would like a more upscale dinner choice; however, I am young and poor so needs to be under $200?150? w/wine (preferably cheaper or BYOB.) Open to all food choices...manhattan or brooklyn. Need something somewhat memorable. thanks for any suggestions

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  1. I think you could do Wallse for under $200 without a bottle of wine. Would a glass for each of you suffice? The atmosphere is very nice and the service and food are great...I took my boyfriend here for his birthday and we had a lovely time.

    1. You can try to get a table at Mas Farmhouse on Downing Street. Casual setting, GREAT food and open late. You can also try Red Cat or Harrison -- they sometimes open up tables either the day before or day of reservation (as they confirm tables).
      Good luck.

      1. Balthazar...just be careful with the amount of wine, and you can get out for under 200...Call and try to get might be hard at this point

        1. How about Urena? Really good food and within your price range.

          1. You can try Telepan. Prix Fix dinner with wine is only $95 per person. Food is delicious and the place is upscale without being stiffy. Should meet your criteria.

            Hope you have a wonderful birthday dinner!