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Apr 11, 2007 07:00 PM

Any authentic breakfast tacos in SA near Riverwalk?

I'll be in SA for a conference in a couple of weeks, staying at the Marriot on the Riverwalk, convention at the Henry Gonzales Convention Center. Any suggestions for real breakfast tacos within walking distance? I'm talking Tex-Mex where the locals go barbacoa tacos, potato, egg and cheese tacos, not tourist trap food. I'll be with a friend but we are both on foot so we need close by and open early, conference begins at 8 AM each day!

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  1. Mi Tierra in Market Square is perfect and open 24 hours. A little bit of a walk for you, but totally reasonable. Try the Machacado.

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      Titos in Southtown(King William area) is the best. They're on Alamo St. Try the steak ala mexicana. I normally like lunch such as flautas, chalupas, etc. Its all good.

      1. re: SAnativegirl

        As a great fallback option, there are Taca Cabana restaurants all over town, and they have amazing breakfast tacos