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Apr 11, 2007 06:01 PM


Can someone recommend the best restaurants in the Martinez area? Thanks.

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  1. Mangia Bene is a wonderful Italian place at 1170 Arnold Drive

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      I second Mangia Bene. I lived in Martinez briefly, and this is the only restaurant that I thought was really good. In the passable-but-not-great category, I'd add La Primevera and La Tapatia (both Mexican).

    2. I live in Martinez and have tried, in vain, to find a great restaurant in the town. We still have to head for Walnut Creek or areas south or east for a special meal. However, there are few local places that satisfy our craving for delicious, high quality, casual food. All are on Main Street, within a block of each other.
      - La Tapatia has tasty, inexpensive Mexican food (especially the carnitas & chile verde), and an outstanding selection of tequilas
      - Haute Stuff has excellent weekday lunches (salads, sandwiches, etc.).
      - Le Gateau Elegant is a terrific little bakery with beautiful cakes, French pastries like Napoleons, etc.

      1. Okay I'll defend my hometown. IMO there are some really great places in Martinez!

        Habachi Sushi in the Albertson's plaza is the best sushi in town. The place is ALWAYS packed, the food great and the prices reasonable.

        Young's Sushi on Main Street is very good but VERY expensive.

        Bulldog BBQ on Main Street is really good too. Service can suck, but the food, yum!

        Sunflower Garden on Escobar between Las Juantus and Ferry Street is the best Chinese in town. They are terrific with seafood dishes. Eat in or take out. I love both.

        La Primavera Taco Truck off Pacheco Blvd in the old Ace Hardware parking lot has the BEST tacos in town.

        Although it's Pacheco and not Martinez, Los Pancho's on Contra Costa at Center Avenue has awesome Mexican takeout.

        And who can pass up chocolate dipped cones at Foster Freeze on Pacheco?

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          No votes for Chavinda (Knob Hill Shopping Center)? I love their "Chalupas" (Salad in tortilla bowl with your choice of grilled meat).