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OC Breakfast Suggestions

Looking to try some new breakfast places after our weekend rides...
earlier the hours the better, Irvine and neighboring areas preferred.
Thanks !

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  1. Try Lucca Cafe (Quail Hills Ctr) in Irvine off Sand Canyon.

    Brittas Cafe in the Town Center near UCI

    Zov's Bistro & Bakery Cafe is opening in east Irvine, don't know if it's open yet.

    Corner Bakery (if all else fails) in the Tustin/Irvine Marketplace (Jamboree @ El Camino)

    Citrus City Cafe (Edinger @ Red Hill)

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      not even close....but the Tustin one is definitely open

    2. When I lived in the OC I would end my bike rides either with the acai bowl at Kean coffee or with brunch at Haute cakes (both in Costa Mesa on 17th) -- they both allow for a final ride around the back bay

      1. Plum's on 17th St in Costa Mesa. Pacific Northwest style. Very good.

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            A vote for Plum's and their fabulous Dutch Baby dish. :-)

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              Wasn't thoroughly impressed with Plum's. I had friends telling me about it for months, and finally was up and in that area last weekend. Not that great, especially for the price. Service was poor also.
              Granted, much better breakfast than most anywhere else, but I would hesitate before going again.
              Saturday Morning: Grab a latté at Coffee Bean (or your favorite), and head to the Irvine Farmer's Market (on Campus and Bridge) - try a pastry from the Black Market Bakery, have some fruit, and feel more connected to the world.
              Sorry Plum's.

            2. JJ bakery on culver by 99 ranch market has a cafe serve pretty good breasfast, nothing fancy, price is reasonable

              1. I like Harbor House in Sunset Beach or Dana Point and I hear alot about Ramos House which was voted best food in OC by Zagat last year.

                1. Quite a bit north of Irvine--my favourite b'fast place is KIMMIE'S COFFEE CUP (kimmiescoffeecup.com/index.html ).

                  I never used to be a b'fast person until I met my husband (who prefers greasy spoons). To accomodate me, we started searching for GOOD greasy (and not so greasy) spoons and Kimmie's (the Brea location) is where we ended up. They serve up hash browns just the way I like 'em: crispy on the outside, tender on the inside.

                  1. I don't know if you ride bicycles or motorcycles, but when I rode motorcycles we would frequent some great local hangouts like Cook's Corner on Santiago Canyon, and The Lookout off Ortega Highway.

                    If we were down on the coast, the Sugar Shack on Main St. was a great place to have breakfast on the sidewalk and watch all the people go by.

                    1. Thanks for all the great recs chowhounds !
                      I knew I could count on you. Can't wait to try them all......
                      makes those early morning rides a little bit more enjoyable knowing
                      what I might be eating =)

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                        If you are up to riding your bike up Newport Coast Dr., Zovs Bistro just opened and they serve breakfast.